Print on Metallic Photo Paper January 19 2016

It is very rare for us to add a significant new medium, so we're proud to announce the next addition to our large format printing lineup - Metallic Photo Paper.

Metallic Photo Paper is a photographic paper that has a very slight metallic sheen, giving prints an extra "pop" that sets them apart from others.

Metallic photo paper serves a couple purposes.

1. Metallic photo paper provides a glossier "wet appearing" finish that our current "Gloss Photo Paper" does not provide since it harnesses a more satin finish.

2. The metallic photo paper is yet another ideal choice appreciated by photographers who prefer a photographic paper that shines.

A print on metallic photo paper


Benefits include:

- Eye catching metallic sheen
- Picks up amazing resolution and details
- Jaw dopping color gamut
- Stunning black & white images
- Images will appear crisp and clear
- Amazing for HDR images

How to print on Metallic Photo Paper

For now, the metallic paper option is available in our fine arts printing area under large prints / photographs. If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.