CD Booklets

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CD Booklets
Printing Info & Specs

Music promoters, musicians and band members will love our CD booklet printing service. These booklets are saddle-stitched (fancy term for staples) and are printed on premium gloss or matte paper stock suitable for any music genre. When considering our fast turnaround, professional quality control and premium printing, clearly Printkeg offers the cheapest prices for small runs of CD booklets anywhere.


CD booklets are considered "full bleed" or borderless. White margins are preserved unless specified otherwise. Please allow enough lead time for proofing, set up and production. If you have a tight deadline, please feel free to contact us concerning your project.


Turnaround for CD booklets varies greatly due to variances in setup time, proof times and approval times. We ask customers with strict deadlines to please speak with a Printkeg customer representative, so we can work closely with you to stay on schedule. Please provide a deadline date in the "messages / deadlines" field on the above form if possible.

Most booklet projects require a five business day turnaround.


For best results, we always urge new customers to order a physical proof for booklet printing. We cannot always guarantee 100% accuracy for orders requesting "no proof," so physical proofs can be very beneficial. Please advise turnaround time begins at the time of the approval of the physical proof.

We recognize some customers do not have the extra time for a physical proof, so a digital proof might be suffice. Please let us know in the messages field above if a digital proof is required. Typically physical proofs are mailed by UPS as soon as art is print ready.  

If you do not wish to see any form of proof, the file is closely analyzed by our designers and production specialists. We try to help detect any errors in the art, but cannot guarantee it. Please evaluate your file before submitting it to us.

Sending Art

Art can be uploaded above and a multi-page file or directly emailed to the Art Department at Please include your order number as the subject line when emailing files. If your file is very large, you may send it to us via a third party storage app such as Dropbox or Google Drive.


To help set up your 4.75x4.75 CD Inserts, we offer the below PDF template to place your art into. Please note that the template file is actually sized 5x5.

CD Booklet Individual Page Template

Art Setup

Files can be submitted to us in various ways. Most clients turn art in as a multipage PDF document with .25” bleed area. Each page should be sized 5 x 5. The key to well printed books is providing enough bleed/trim area (keep important text and images away from the edge).

Art can also be submitted as multi page documents in spread format. This is an acceptable method depending on the artwork; however it is not required.

We prefer booklets to be submitted as multipage files with a .25” bleed area. Some customers find it easier to submit newsletter/booklet pages individually and numbered. Please name the cover page 1.jpg or 1.pdf. Again, we prefer the pages to be submitted as one document.

CD Booklet Reviews

"I was happy with the quality of the CD booklets and the fast turnaround. Customer service was great." - Anonymous

"Fantastic prints. Professional staff and very kind and attentive customer service. Great job." - Rhonda

Shipping CD Booklets

Custom CD booklets and catalogs are shrinkwrapped in stacks of varying sizes depending on the order quantity and box size. We use bubble wrap to further support and protect prints. Invoices are not included inside packages.