Affiliate Program

On November 11th, 2015, we officially started the Printkeg Affiliate Program which allows bloggers and website owners to earn commission by linking to us and driving sales.

We've worked with many bloggers in the past through sponsoring giveaways, contests and providing products for review. That was a very rewarding experience for us, but it was also an extremely tedious and time-consuming process. We're renewing our dedication to bloggers by offering this new affiliate program that allows popular writers to enjoy more profit.



How it works

When a user clicks on a link from your website and purchases prints from us, you receive commission if completed within 90 days (controlled by cookies). Payments are made to you via Paypal. It's that easy. 

Who should sign up for our affiliate program?

Almost anyone can sign up for our affiliate program. In the past, we've worked with designers, photographers, mothers, gamers, web designers, news sites and so much more.

What is the commission?

We offer a simple 10% commission on all sales originating from your affiliate link. Our average order ranges from $75 to $100. Orders can range from $5 to $2000. 

We offer additional support to affiliates

If you would like samples or materials before linking to us or signing up, please let us know.

Policies and Restrictions

We ask affiliates to promote our brand in a tasteful manner at all times.

More about the platform

We rely on a major affiliate network, Refersion, to provide this amazing new platform. They are a well respected application in the Shopify community. 

Tips for Affiliates

Amy Lynn Andrews offers beginners some great advice that you might enjoy when getting started. People already participating in numerous affiliate programs may also enjoy the article.