2x6 Bookmarks & Tickets

$ 15.95

2x6 Bookmarks & Tickets
Printing Info & Specs

Printing these smaller bookmarks and tickets are simply less expensive than the standard 2x7. There is no particular preference for most when considering 2x7 or 2x6, but short-term events of dated materials are more economically printed as the latter. When we introduced 2x6 into our lineup, it became a wild success with many customers. 


There are two convenient options for the turnaround time. The standard time for bookmarks and unnumbered event tickets are two days, and an expedited option is one day. Turnaround time consists of the time between art approval and actual production of the materials. Art approval usually occurs on the same day when the order is placed.

Digital Proofs

If you require a digital proof of your bookmark before printing, please select the digital proof option for $5. By default, we still send digital proofs if we spot a problem during our quality inspection. We will not print materials that will print poorly without approval. 

Digital proofs may increase turnaround time by one day.


Please download this 2x6 template to better understand the .25" bleed area. Most art files turned in without bleed is automatically adjusted by our internal graphic designers. 

Download 2x6 template


Three incredible and heavy card stocks
We review all art before printing for quality purposes
Cheap prices for small runs
Bookmarks are printed full bleed and full color

Need More Options?

We can provide perforated 2x6 tickets and larger quantities. Please call or email for more information and pricing.


"Prices are a big draw, but sometimes a good price means a bad website, I've found. Your site is not that way, it is super easy to use and looks good. I'm done looking for places to print things now that you're in my bookmarks bar! Thanks!" - Kyle

"Just wanted to thank you all for doing such an amazing job with the brochures, flyers, and tickets! They look awesome! It is ALWAYS a pleasure doing business with you all and I am recommending you to everyone we meet!" - Audrey


Bookmarks and tickets are shrink-wrapped and cushioned using bubble wrap. They are usually shipped via UPS.