2x7 Bookmarks & Tickets

$ 15.95

2x7 Bookmarks & Tickets
Printing Info & Specs

The classic full sized 2x7 print size can enhance the experience of events, festivals, book signings and plays. The marketing opportunities of tickets can be astoundingly endless -  properly sell seats, offer coupons, highlight a message, add a schedule etc. We also prefer the 2x7 bookmarks for authors selling larger hardback books or those that require a long message to include.


25 to 1000 tickets/bookmarks - 2 days
1500+ tickets/bookmarks - 3 days

Digital Proofs

We no longer offer digital proof as a standard option for print products including tickets and bookmarks. Don't worry, if your project requires one, please let us know in the "messages" field. By default, we still send digital proofs if we discover problems during our quality inspection that we cannot fix ourselves. We will not print materials that will produce poorly. 

Digital proofs will increase turnaround by one day.


Please download this 2x7 template to better understand the .25" trim and bleed area. Most artwork turned in without bleed is automatically adjusted by our onsite graphic designers. 

Download 2x7 template


Convenient and quality card options
We inspect all artwork before printing for quality control
Cheapest prices around for 2x7 tickets/bookmarks
Everything is printed full bleed and full color

Need More Options?

We can provide perforated tickets and larger quantities. Please call us for more information and pricing.


"Print quality on the flyers and tickets that I ordered where excellent; also appreciate the fact that they were packed better than some print companies. I hope you continue to ship prints in boxes in the future because it really helped to keep everything in pristine shape." - Amanda


2x7 bookmarks and tickets are shrink-wrapped and cushioned with thick bubble wrap. These prints are typically shipped via UPS.