Huge Stickers

$ 12.50

Huge Stickers
Printing Info & Specs

The color vibrancy and quality of our large sticker printing is amazing and unmatched at these price levels. Our smaller stickers are intended for indoor or outdoor usage, but our large stickers should only be applied for indoor situations/signage and is not water resistant.  

Special note: With large stickers prints, each individual sticker can be different artwork. Unfortunately, the above "art upload" button only accepts a single file. If your order will be multiple files, please email the artwork to or send via file sharing application like Google Drive and Dropbox. 

Turnaround (Business Days)

1-5 Stickers - 2 Day
6-15 Stickers - 3 Days
16+ Stickers - 4 Days

Full Bleed

All large format prints are considered full bleed or "edge to edge." Some refer to this as borderless. Please leave about a 1/8" trim area if possible, otherwise your image is slightly stretched to attain full bleed.

Indoor Use Only

Shiny Adhesive Gloss - The media used for our large sticker prints is intended for indoor use and will stick to many surface types like doors, windows, walls and more. This is not a removable material so we do not recommend sticking on wallpaper or easily ripped materials. This sticker/adhesive paper does work well for mounting on gator and foam board but might require a little practice. 


We require a 1/8" bleed ares for large posters and huge stickers. Since that is such a small trim amount, most customers send us art sized as the desired print dimensions. If we run into problems, we will contact you immediately. For people being extra cautious, please feel free to send art with ample bleed.


Huge stickers are rolled with Kraft paper and inserted into an extremely durable and wide shipping tube. Bubble wrap and/or extra paper is added inside tube to prevent posters from moving.