Banner Printing

Our cheap indoor and outdoor banner printing are wonderful for events, festivals, reunions and exhibits. With four awesome paper selections (vinyl, photo gloss, matte and canvas) you’ll impress peers and customers alike while making a bold statement. Please note that our indoor banners are not intended as permanent outdoor signage, but they will last quite awhile. For outdoor use (5 year), please select outdoor banners for suitable quality.

More banner products are on their way soon.

Durable Vinyl

We use a premium, opaque (Blockout), PVC banner scrim material that is tear resistant and flame retardant (B1 Certified). A polyester fabric layer provides extra strength and durability. The ultra durable, water resistant coating provides a bright white, smooth surface for maximum print performance.

Engineered for Quality Graphics

Again, the smooth bright white surface of our scrim vinyl facilitates a remarkable print surface which caters to detail intense graphics including photography. Banner or panoramic graphics can also be printed on photo gloss, photo matte and vinyl materials. 

Grommets Included

Nickel grommets, or rings, are inserted on each corner and every two or three feet depending on the banner final size. Grommets allow banners to be displayed or hanged almost anywhere using a variety of materials. Grommets are not added to panoramic prints unless requested.

Key Differences of Outdoor and Indoor Banners

Using aqueous based inks, our indoor banners are intended for indoor exhibits, expos and galleries that require a vast color spectrum to showcase ultra high image quality. They are a little less expensive, but are not intended for outdoor use or as signage. Indoor banners can last a couple weeks outdoors, but getting them wet could cause serious quality degradation. 

Outdoor banners are weatherproof and intended as permanent signage. They will last years in versatile weather conditions and hostile situations of the great outdoors. Although difficult to spot by most people, this form of solvent-based printing is not as fine as our indoor banner solution.

Panoramic Prints

The wide format prints are banner sized but printed on beautiful photo gloss and photo matte papers to specifically serve artists and photographers. Grommets are not added to panoramic prints unless requested.