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Go Big With Banner Printing.

Our cheap indoor and outdoor banner printing is superb for events, festivals, reunions, and exhibits. With four awesome paper selections (vinyl, photo gloss, matte, and canvas), you’ll impress peers and customers while making a bold statement. Please note that our indoor banners are not permanent outdoor signage, but they will last quite a while. For outdoor use (5 years), please select outdoor banners of suitable quality.

More banner products are on their way soon.

Durable Vinyl

We use a premium, opaque (Blockout), tear-resistant PVC banner scrim material and flame retardant (B1 Certified). A polyester fabric layer provides extra strength and durability. The ultra-durable, water-resistant coating provides a bright white, smooth surface for maximum print performance.

Engineered for Quality Graphics

Again, our scrim vinyl's smooth, bright white surface facilitates a remarkable print surface that caters to intense detail graphics, including photography. Banner or panoramic graphics can also print on photo gloss, photo matte, and vinyl materials. 

Grommets and Hems Optional

Nickel grommets, or rings, are inserted on each corner and every two or three feet depending on the banner's final size. Grommets allow for display or hanging almost anywhere with a variety of materials. Grommets are not added to panoramic prints unless requested.

Custom Banner Sizes are Welcome

Please contact us for a custom quote if you cannot find the size you need. Our facilities are capable of creating solutions for customized projects.

Key Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Banners

Using aqueous-based inks, indoor banners are for temporary exhibits, expos, and galleries. They are perfect for events that require a vast color spectrum to showcase ultra-high image quality.  This solution is not intended for outdoor use or as signage. Indoor banners can last a couple of weeks outdoors, but wetting them could cause severe quality degradation. 

Outdoor banners are weatherproof and intended as permanent signage. They will last years in versatile weather conditions and hostile situations of the great outdoors. Although difficult to spot by most people, this banner type prints using solvent-based technology.

Mesh Banners

We make mesh banners for windy conditions scenarios at outdoor events: The PVC-coated 9.59-oz. polyester thread mesh banner lets the 36% wind pass right through. 

Panoramic Photo Prints

The elongated format prints are banner-sized but printed on beautiful photo gloss and photo matte papers to specifically serve artists and photographers. Grommets are not added to panoramic photographs and artwork unless requested.

Try Backdrops At Your Next Event

Build a massive statement with our vinyl backdrop printing for exhibits, events, film festivals, trade shows, and other indoor or outdoor events. We harness sophisticated wide-format solvent production machines to create inexpensive backdrops. These vinyl beasts print on weatherproof material, including grommets, hems, or pole pockets.



Art Specs for Banners

Let's review a few basic art principles of banners and backdrop commercial printing. These specifications may help you properly create your project and avoid hiccups. 

  1. Resolution - We prefer you to create your images from scratch at 300dpi. We will also accept files from 150dpi to 200dpi since file sizes can become very cumbersome. Resolution controls are available in software such as Photoshop and Illustrator.
  2. Color - We print all outdoor banners in CMYK color mode. Indoor banners and panoramic prints embrace CMYK or RGB color mode. 
  3. Bleed Area - This additional space allows us to produce edge-to-edge prints. Your image should be one inch wider than your final product. For instance, a file for a 24 x 72" banner should be 25 x 73" in size.

Suppose you would like our staff to solve any possible art issues and move straight to production. In that case, you can select "Just Make My Graphic Work" for a small investment of nine dollars.



Banner Printing FAQ

What material are your banners made from?

Most banners are printed on 13oz scrim vinyl. This classic material is ranked for both indoor and outdoor use. We also offer mesh banners.

What is the longest measurement you offer for banners?

On our banner products, we only offer popular sizes. You can contact us about customized measurements. We can go as long as 150' (that's feet, not inches!) and up to 16' in height for vinyl banners. 30' and 10' for mesh banners. Pole pockets, hems, and grommets are optional.

How fast can I get my banner?

Most indoor and outdoor banners ship within two to three days. Add that to the shipping method you selected during the checkout process.

What are popular banner sizes?

Some of the most popular banner sizes we see are 4' x 2' (48" x 24"), 6' x 3' (72" x 36"), and 8' x 4' (96" x 48"). Since there are so many sizes to choose from, the more important factor is the surrounding space. For mesh banners, we see a lot of 4' x 4' and 2.5' x 8' dimensions.

What size are your Grommets?

We employ #2 grommets; they are 3/8" and brass in color. We place grommets in all four corners or every two feet and one inch away from the banner edges.



"Great Service and great prices. It really is nice working with you folks and you do a wonderful job on banners and other printing services. Love the feedback you give us on our ordering and printing status - makes us feel comfortable knowing that things are moving along and on track. Thank you for your patience in having to always download my large files prior to printing. You sure make it easy. Keep up the great job. We look forward to seeing your company grow and sending you more orders."



Popular Banner Sizes

Mesh Banners

  • 2' x 3'
  • 2.5' x 6'
  • 4' x 4'
  • 4' x 6'
  • 4' x 8'
  • 8' x 12'

Outdoor Vinyl Banners

  • 24" x 36" (2' x 3')
  • 24" x 48" (2' x 4')
  • 24" x 60" (2' x 5')
  • 36" x 60" (3' x 5')
  • 36" x 72" (3' x 6')
  • 36" x 84" (3' x 7')
  • 48" x 96" (3' x 8')

Vinyl Backdrops

  • 8' x 5'
  • 8' x 5'
  • 8' x 10'
  • 12' x 8'
  • 20' x 8'



Banner Printing Deals

The Printkeg website is full of amazing deals, including these gems in our custom banner printing collection.

Mesh Banner

4' X 4'


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Outdoor Vinyl Banner

2' X 4'


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Vinyl Backdrop

8' X 8'


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Let's Break Down The Entire Process of Printing Banners

    1. You pick one of the banner products you need and add it to your cart, similar to other typical shopping sites. You can upload your art file, determine shipping rates, and complete payment during the ordering step.
    2. After you finish checking out, we begin to examine your artwork closely. One of our art professionals reviews your banner art file and transfers it to our production department if everything appears correct. If that designer identifies any obstacles she cannot quickly fix, she will communicate with you by email. Our primary concern is quality.
    3. Once your custom banner order moves into the production stage, we will send status updates by email. The earliest notification provides you with an estimated print and ship date. Follow-up emails will continue as we complete printing, then another when tracking is available from shipping. We understand communication is critical.
    4. You will receive your custom banner within a few days.



Our Promise To You

We promise to make your banner printing experience easy and rewarding. You can use banners to highlight your convention booth, advertise a grand opening, or add signage to an event. Many artists across the country take advantage of our banners made of vinyl, mesh, or photo paper. We make sure your final product is fantastic or give your money back.

Go Big With Banners

Our banner printing service is so much more extensive than what we offer on our website. Banners and backdrops can reach epic lengths, so we welcome your custom projects. Add hems, pole pockets, grommets, corrugated plastic, canvas, fabric, metal, acrylic, and more at your fingertips.

Common Use For Banners

Banners are frequently hung from buildings/structures, strung up between posts, or attached to fences. Businesses, organizations, enterprises, and small businesses implement banners to promote sales, announce events, boast grand openings, and increase brand awareness. You can also use them for personal or private events such as birthday parties, welcome home events, and family reunions.