13x19 Small Posters

$ 10.99

13x19 Small Posters
Printing Info & Specs

Print your 13x19 art with us! The 13x19 size is mostly desired for printing collectible artwork or event posters. High profile artists selling work at upper price levels often prefer the heavyweight 13x19 card stocks as another method of providing additional value to buyers. Marketers and promoters of events and exhibits recognize this larger format to be more effective than the popular 11x17 poster size.

Special note

13x19 is our only non-bleed product that will have a 1/4" white margin. 


25 to 250 posters - 1 day
300 to 1000 - 2 days
1250+ - 3 days

The first turnaround day begins the next business day after order is placed.

Digital Proofs

We understand a PDF digital proof might be requested so please select that option (for $5) if this is the case. We will then send you a proof via email before printing begins. All artwork is evaluated for quality purposes before printing, and we will contact you if there are issues that cannot be easily remedied by us.

Digital proofs may add one day to turnaround time.

Sending Art

13x19 artwork can be uploaded through the above form or emailed/sent to us later. If you experience technical difficulties while uploading art, please feel free to email file(s) to art@printkeg.com with the order number as the subject. For larger-sized files (20MB or over), feel free to use a third party file sharing company such as Dropbox or Box.


The below PDF template might prove useful in visualizing margin areas for 13x19 prints.

13x19 template (Vertical/Portrait)
13x19 template (Horizontal/Landscape)


Three heavy premium card choices
Many small quantity options
High quality prints intended for art, photography, events
We carefully review art files before printing
A 100% satisfaction guarantee is our promise


"Great customer service. Thank you so much. It's also about 5x cheaper than FedEx poster printing." - Byron

"Excellent job on my poster printing. I will definitely be using your service again." - Geoffrey

"Prints turned out great. I work for a college summer baseball team and we are definitely going to use you again next season for almost all our poster printing." - Alex


13x19 prints are shipped shrink-wrapped and flat and liberally cushioned with bubble wrap inside a secure heavy duty mailing box. UPS and USPS shipping methods are available while checking out.