Metallic Variants as Limited-Edition Prints


We added metallic variants to many print sizes to allow fan artists to add limited edition prints to their arsenal, in the same fashion comic book companies offer alternative covers. You can add one to a small or large run of prints or buy them individually.

Unpredictably Stunning

The metallic gold media is bold and striking, while the pearl silver is understated, complementing the ivory pearlescent paper. The results are stunning and open up a world of artistic possibilities, making each print a unique masterpiece.

Example of square print on matte and metallic gold

Metallic Gold or Pearl Silver

Metallic cardstocks are the rage. Choose Metallic Gold or Pearl Silver. These media selections are easy ways to offer limited-edition prints of your fan art.

How to Add a Variant

On qualifying products, such as 11x17 Art Prints, you will see the option "Add a Variant Print?". If you select one, you will receive one extra print of your art on the selected media. For instance, if you order 25 11x14 prints and add a variant print, you will receive 26 total prints.

Add a variant


We hope you can make extra profit on your new limited edition prints while also providing extra incentives to your superfans.

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