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The famous postcard is the king of traditional print marketing. Our cheap postcards are advantageous with several convenient sizes, such as direct-mail cards, club flyers, handouts, and retail art prints. Three durable card stocks ensure art always appears smooth and detailed. Paper stocks include the mighty 110# gloss card that shines, the sophisticated 100# matte card, which is natural to write on, and the brilliant 100# textured flat card engineered for artists. Since all three stocks are premium grade, they will proudly represent you, your artwork, or your business.

Fast Turnaround Times

Most postcards ship in 2-3 days. Rush and next-day turns are available.

Turnaround for postcards varies based on quantity and size, typically ranging from two to three days. Few other online postcard print companies offer to ship this fast at cheap prices. Rush services are available for a quicker turnaround. Please leave us instructions if specific deadlines or circumstances are required.

Incredible Card Choices For Art

Try one of our three archival card stocks engineered for details and artwork.

You will love the incredible card choices available for most sizes of classic postcards and art cards. The substantially heavy gloss exudes energetic colors, a matte that radiates elegance, and a textured matte, capturing artistic authenticity. These three distinct and unique media choices boost Printkeg as the number one place to buy postcards online. Durable options are also available for marketing firms and mailings.

  • Gloss Card (110# Cover) is a wonderfully convenient, inexpensive, and versatile stock. Clients can implement the media for handouts, mailing, or artwork requiring vibrant colors.
  • Matte Card (100# Cover) is often utilized for a more elegant and flat print and is more natural to write on. The lighter shine is more optimal for framing. Many artists have preferred the matte over gloss for its more traditional, smooth, and classic feel.
  • Textured Card (100# Cover) is available for artists who wish to capture a more authentic and rigid feel that dramatically enhances the artistic value of digital artwork and paintings.

Durable Card Options for Marketing

Enjoy 16pt and 18pt card stocks more suited for marketing.

More durable options are available for large quantities (2500 and over) and smaller cards (3x3, Business Cards) - 16pt UV Coated Gloss and 16pt Dull Uncoated. A super 18pt card option is available for 3x3 and 4x9 rack cards.



Print & Design Services

Custom graphic design services also accompany our cheap postcard printing. Our staff designers can create beautiful, professional, unique cards for any occasion. Design services start at only $39 (single-sided, any size). Our designers can typically finish most projects within one or two days.

Postcards are Full Bleed and Full Color

Single and double-sided postcards print "full bleed" and full color. Art files should include a .25" bleed area for the most accurate results, but we can fix most artwork ourselves. If you are unsure what "bleed" and "trim" is, feel free to send your file as-is. Each postcard page includes a downloadable template for easy visualization of trimming areas. Learn more by visiting our general support page. If you plan a mailer, please review USPS's guidelines.

"I'm an artist and illustrator, so color, clarity, and quality are crucial to me. These postcards are perfect. Every detail. The card stock, the printing, the color. I am speechless. Thank you for providing this high-quality service at such amazing prices. AND on top of that, making the customer service experience one I'll remember because of how easily you helped me out." - Julie

Short Runs and Large Orders Welcome

Although our primary focus is on digitally printed small orders, we also offer much larger quantities of offset printing at even lower prices per unit. If you require a customized quote, please get in touch with us.



Let's Talk About Art Specs

We try to avoid overwhelming customers with specifications - especially for postcards. If you are new to printing, the information below might help you properly submit your art to us.

  1. Resolution - The lowest resolution we like to print is 300dpi, the standard quality setting for printing crisp graphics. That bright screen of yours lies and makes you think everything is okay. Thankfully, postcards are small, and most art files work fine. We will contact you if there are any concerns. We adore printing postcards and art cards at 600 dpi.
  2. Color Mode - We print all postcards in CMYK color mode. If you have no idea what this means, don't panic. Our staff converts everything by default. 
  3. Bleed Area - This extra area allows us to provide edge-to-edge cards. Technically, we require your image to be a quarter-inch wider than your final print. For example, a 4 x 6" file should be 4.25 x 6.25" in size. Our peeps will usually add a bleed area for you - if possible.

If you are worried about how the final cards may look, you've got options! Five buckaroos pay for a digital PDF proof illustrating significant color variations and potential bleed issues. If you want our staff to solve problems and move straight to production, select the "Just Make My Graphic Work" option for a well-spent nine dollars. We want everything to look fabulous with you with little to no energy.



Postcard Printing FAQ

How can I make my custom postcards?

At Printkeg, you upload your design while ordering. Once you've created a postcard using Photoshop, Illustrator, or Microsoft Office software, you can export the final design as a PDF or JPG. Just remember to make your design canvas at 300 dpi.

How can I use postcards?

Customers use postcards as handouts, marketing materials, or art cards. They are inexpensive, archival, and engineered for high-end graphics. The sky is the limit when determining how to incorporate our cheap postcard printing best.

What postcard sizes are standard?

Most of the rectangle and square postcard sizes we offer are standard sizes. The popular dimensions seem to include 3" x 5" or 4" x 6" or 5" x 7" cards. 4.75" x 4.75" is the standard size for CD inserts. If we notice your design fits a different size better than your order, we will contact you.

How much do postcards cost?

Printing twenty-five postcards start as low as $17.99! Our online print company offers a flexible lineup of premium postcards with archival quality, recyclable properties, and UV coating. Select any size on our website for all the pricing details and paper qualities. Contact our customer support team if you are still looking for the project specifications you need.

When uploading a picture, do you automatically size it to fit?

Don't worry about resizing your artwork - we can help with that. If you upload a high-quality image, we automatically shrink it to fit on a postcard. Our team will contact you via email before printing if we need help with dimension compatibility, excessive clipping, or low resolution. Artists turning in the correct size artwork are in more control over their final prints.

Should postcards be in landscape or portrait orientation?

Don't worry about the orientation of your artwork. You can create your custom postcards in landscape or portrait mode. Our staff will make sure the final print files are rotated correctly.

Does Printkeg check artwork before printing begins?

Yes! Our internal art staff checks your design and layout for free to ensure quality printing. We will automatically make the needed adjustments if we see minor correctable problems. You can request a PDF proof for a more precise idea of how your prints will appear. We will only print your custom postcards after the visual is approved.

Do you do discounts for bulk ordering?

We generally do not offer lower pricing than what is available on the website. However, sometimes, we do run huge promotions for our email subscribers. You can also sign up as a reseller for 10% off all future orders.



"The postcards that came today look amazing! Your team helped me when needed, and answered quickly and efficiently. Can't wait to print more from with guys."



The Technology of Printing Postcards

We incorporate digital press technologies capable of intense graphics.

Our graphics art digital presses are intended for art cards and overkill for postcards. The robust digital printing technology allows us to print cards in small quantities while still capturing those fine details. Some products, such as 3" x 3" square cards and business cards, are produced using offset methods.



Postcard Printing Deals You Will Love!

The archival stocks we offer for postcards are merely astounding. You can choose gloss, matte, or textured. Unlike many other online print companies selling the cheapest available media, we carefully selected papers engineered for artwork.

1000 Postcards

4" X 6"


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50 Art Cards

5" X 7"


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100 Small Cards

3" X 4"


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50 Big Cards

6" X 11"


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100 Half-Page Cards

5.5" X 8.5"


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10k Postcards/Flyers

4" X 6"


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How To Order Custom Postcards

A Breakdown of The Order Process Behind Postcard Printing

  1. Locate the size of postcards you are interested in printing art. Add as many items to your cart as you like - similar to how other shopping sites function. You upload your files, review shipping selections, and complete payment during this phase.
  2. Once your new order is complete, we will begin reviewing the artwork. One of our internal graphics experts examines your art file and hands it off to our production team if all specifications appear correct. If that designer recognizes any challenges she cannot quickly fix, she will correspond via email. Our chief objective is to protect quality.
  3. As your postcard order transfers to the production department, we will send updates by email. The first notification provides your estimated print and ship date. Follow-up emails will continue as we perform printing, packing, and shipping. You always know the status of your order.
  4. Finally, you will receive your custom postcard delivery within a few business days. 



Why Choose Us For Printing Postcards?

The Printkeg Promise

You can find postcard printing with almost any online commercial print company. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on everyday artists' needs for more assistance. We help make art adjustments and exclusively offer archival postcard media. Our company-wide promise guarantees an excellent printing experience.

Three Distinct Card Picks

We selected three premium card types for artists: Gloss, Matte, and Textured. All three are archival and impact art in their unique ways. The gloss hosts richer colors, the matte is smooth and refined, and the texture is rigid and felt-like. We also offer UV Coating for bulk orders.

Printing Postcards is Fast

For most postcard products, we print within two days. There are varying turnaround times that are dependent on size and quantity. Additionally, we offer rush options and numerous expedited shipping methods. We also work with deadlines if you provide that information in the instructions area of your order.



Tips For Designing a Marketing Postcard

1. Get Personal

A well-designed postcard includes personalization. One way to accomplish a personal experience is by implementing variable data to add the first name to your card. The best way to personalize postcards is by segmentation. Sending the right message to the right person is one way to make any postcard campaign more innovative and effective.

2. Keep the Design Simple

Postcards are generally low on content real estate. It is crucial to use that precious space wisely. Be purposeful with your message and adhere to a simple, straightforward, clear design. You want your postcards to be attractive but not burdened with information that confuses your customer and distracts from your call to action.

3. A Bold Message

Be bold and loud with your main headline. Your first objective is to capture your audience's attention so those individuals will read more about your company. Your message should solve a problem or make an incredible statement. The headline should reflect your core message and call to action.

4. Awesome Graphics

Be sure to use captivating artwork on the front of your postcard. The graphic you implement should promote your message and not distract from it. Are you promoting real estate? Use imagery that features homes. Are you promoting a car dealership? Use graphics that emphasize new cars.

5. Make An Offer They Can't Refuse

When you promote an offer, focus on the benefits to the person receiving the postcard. Create urgency with your message. Bullet points can be a powerful way to present features quickly. Be aggressive to help ensure your postcard campaign is effective.

6. Don't Forget the Call-to-Action.

If you forget to include a clear call to action, it is less likely people will make it to the next step of your marketing funnel. Leave room for action statements such as "Call today for a quote" or "Call now for 10% off" so your customers know what you want them to do.



The Most Common Postcard Printing Mistakes We See.

Our internal graphic designers are on standby to guarantee your art cards look fantastic! Typical issues that hinder us from printing your postcards often include one of these three items. Don't panic. Our team is here to guide you through any disparities that may arise.

  1. Low-Quality Files - The most common problem with postcard printing is low resolution. Most customers can resolve issues efficiently by exporting digital files using higher-quality settings from their graphics software, camera, or scanner. Before printing, we will ask you for new files if we detect low resolution or poor quality.
  2. Content Too Close to Edges - We ask you to keep items a quarter-inch away from the print edges for almost all postcards. Essential items may include titles, text areas, logos, peoples' heads, or other components you prefer us not to clip.
  3. The Wrong Size - Many people struggle with size and dimensions. And that's okay. We will suggest alternative suggestions if your postcard file does not match your selected print size. The most problematic situation is when a customer orders a rectangle card but sends a square image.



Inches to Pixels Chart for Postcard Files

If you design art files in pixels rather than inches, this list displays the preferred range of pixels you should be working with. If your pixel counts are larger, that is fine! Please be advised that the bleed/trim area is not included in these measurements. This is a guide to help ensure you are working with high enough quality for your postcard designs.

Smaller Cards

2 x 6" = 600 x 1800px
2 x 7" = 600 x 2400px
3 x 3" = 900 x 900px
3 x 4" = 900 x 1200px
3 x 5" = 900 x 1500px

Midsize Art Cards

4 x 6" = 1200 x 1800px
4 x 9" = 1200px x 2700px
4.25 x 5.5" = 1275 x 1650px
5 x 7" = 1500 x 2400px
5.5 x 8.5" = 1650 x 2550px

Large Postcards

6 x 6" = 1800x 3300px
6 x 11" = 1800 x 3300px
6 x 12" = 1800 x 3600px
6 x 9" = 1800 x 2700px



What is the best size for my postcard design?

That is a trick question. We need to first focus on the motivation and intent of your art. Are you selling art or marketing a business? Although we see all our postcard sizes printed daily, the ratios below are probably the most popular card choices for marketing and retail art.

4" x 6" Postcards

4" x 6" postcard printing is a versatile and popular option for printing postcards. This dimension is convenient to frame, works well for retail artwork, and can be mailed for advertising. You can convert 11x17 poster art into 8x12 or 4x6 cards very quickly.

5" x 7" Cards / Prints

5" x 7" Cards / Prints will stand out against the smaller, standard postcards. More importantly, this is a classic print ratio for retail art, greeting cards, invites, and so much more.

5.5" x 8.5" Postcards / Flyers

5.5" x 8.5" Postcards / Flyers are also versatile in usefulness and economically. Think of this size for postcards as sales announcements, handouts, slip-ins, small menus, medium flyers, and even framable artwork. 11x17 poster scales down nicely into 5.5x8.5 retail cards.

6" x 9" Extended Postcards

6" x 9" Extended Postcards were intended as oversized formatted postcards for mailings. The ratio evolved into a notable popular retail format preferred by some artists since they easily scale down 11x17 artwork to fit 8x12 and 6x9.



Card Thickness Comparison

Thickness Comparison for Printing Postcards

70/80# Cover

You won't find too much of this cover stock in our postcard selections. The "70#/80# cover" is typically utilized for thicker flyers, upgraded booklet covers, and thinner folded cards. Some artists apply this card stock for economical, temporary, or marketing efforts.

100/110# Cover

The weight of the 100#/110# card selections is comparable to 16pt. The prime benefit of this material is the archival ratings and upgraded paper quality. Thickness isn't everything. Many other postcard printing companies compare thickness with quality, which is highly misleading. We offer these opaque card options for artists looking to capture the fine details in artwork that most paper cannot facilitate.


The 16pt and 18pt thicknesses are optimal for marketing and mailing. There is no denying these cards feel good in your hands. Although not necessarily intended for retail art, they are designed as marketing materials such as business cards, handouts, magnets, and postcards.

120/130# Cover

In our invitations area, 120# (matte) and 130# (gloss) card options for notecards. We welcome custom quotes for these stocks. With this stock, you are looking to meet the demands of a retail artist and still attain the durability of the 16/18pt alternatives.


Thicker card options are only available for specific products. You will find them sprinkled in with some products, such as plastic business cards and painted edge cards; some are more durable than credit cards.



How to Proof Your Postcard Before Printing Starts

First, what is a PDF proof?

If you select the "Digital Proof" option, we prepare your postcard art for printing and send you a PDF that helps you visualize the final print outcome. This representation showcases trim lines, folding locations, and possible color shifts. This is also a good opportunity for proofreading.

How long does it take for PDF proofs to get ready?

We try to email digital proofs within four to six business hours. This duration can be extended if we are experiencing large orders or many line items in your order require proofing. To approve your proof, reply to the email. If there are issues with the visual, you can email the specifics and your concerns.

Will requesting a PDF proof delay my postcard order?

Sometimes. Postcards' proof can add an estimated one business day to the turnaround time. We try to keep your order progress moving on schedule, but it is not always feasible. Try to approve the proof as soon as you can.

Do you correct spelling errors in my artwork?

No. We do not change text or art unless you paid for the "Edit my design" service and provided details in the instructions area. We only fix print-related technical issues found in your artwork. An artist will mention those concerns in the proofing email if we notice apparent errors that cannot be overcome.



Are You Printing Art Postcards?

Review our Specs, Options & Templates to Help You Design the Perfect Postcard.

Transform your digital or physical artwork into custom art cards (art postcards) in just a few clicks. Upload your own design and print all your high-quality prints with Printkeg! Focused on artists, we produce affordable digital and offset art postcards. Here are a few tips for creating attractive custom art postcards.

You'll Love Our Options and Media for Art Postcards

We offer artists options for the standard sizes and media intended for archival retail prints or marketing materials. First, select the size of your postcard art design from 3 x 3 to 11 x 6. Cardstocks are presented based on the print size and may include gloss, matte, uncoated, UV-coated, or textured. Most art cards are single-sided, and marketing postcards are usually double-sided.

Sending Artwork to Us is Easy

Submit your design through our user-friendly upload feature available from each product page. Uploading files is super easy. You can upload a 2-sided PDF or two files for the front and back design. Upload your postcard art design in JPG, PNG, PDF, or TIFF. Our internal experts will evaluate all submitted files, covering technical issues like "bleed" and color profile setup. If you select the "digital proof" option, we will email a PDF to you before production begins.