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Card Choices For 4x9 Rack Cards

4x9 Rack Cards Gloss Card Visual


4x9 Rack Cards on gloss card offers vibrant colors and a nice shine perfect for almost any marketing project.

4x9 Rack Cards Matte Card Visual


The matte card on 4x9 Rack Cards is smooth, uncoated, opaque, and bright white. The colors will likely appear a little more subtle - deliberately.

4x9 Rack Cards Textured Art Paper Visual


This partially recycled material provides a watercolor paper texture to capture the authenticity of tangible artwork.

4x9 Rack Cards

$ 19.99

Printing 4x9 Rack Cards

Learn More About Printing 4x9 Rack Cards

4x9 rack cards are printed on three different premium card stocks using the latest advancements in digital printing. The final results are full color and full bleed (.25"). Rack cards often occupy churches, local chambers, hotels, and other high-traffic locations. Gloss card, Matte card, and Textured card options combined with premium digital printing result in stunning graphic prints for marketing or resale.

We also provide larger quantities of rack cards (2500+) that are economical, UV coated, and durable.

Features of 4x9 Rack Cards

  • Three convenient card media choices
  • We review all art for quality purposes 
  • Designers address small problems automatically 
  • All rack cards are full bleed and full color
  • The rack cards act as inexpensive brochures
  • Easy way to improve marketing and foot traffic

Card Options

  • Gloss Card (110# Cover) – The most popular choice for rack cards, this satin-gloss card stock provides a light sheen and bright colors. 
  • Matte Card (100# Cover) – Our premium matte card is an elegant and uncoated alternative to a gloss card. Easy to write on.
  • Textured Matte (100# Cover) – This distinctive material gives artists and marketers an alternative textured choice. 

Turnaround (in Business Days)

Select one day, two days, or three days as your preferred turnaround option. The turnaround begins once our graphics staff has received the proper art files. Improper art setup, trim problems, and digital proofs can lead to expanded turnaround time.

The first turnaround day begins the next business day after the placed order. Once your 4x9 artwork is set up for production, we will email an estimated ship date.

Digital Proofs

If there are concerns about bleed or trim area, resolution, and size, we will contact you. Sometimes our graphic artists will email a PDF proof demonstrating the issue (generally within 4 to 6 business hours). Otherwise, the artwork will move straight to production. Our staff members double-check and observe all artwork before printing to ensure 100% satisfaction. If you prefer this digital sample before printing begins, please let us know in the above order form.

Digital proofs may add one extra day to turnaround.

4x9 Templates

To help with preparing a 4" x 9" rack card for printing, we offer the below PDF template to place your art. Please note that the art file is 4.25" x 9.25" at 300dpi.

Horizontal Rack Card

Vertical Rack Card

Reviews From Other Rack Card Purchases

"This is the first time I've done rack cards and they turned out great. Thanks." - Fred

"The rack cards I ordered look great. The posters I ordered were delivered right on schedule and also look great. Great prices!" - Jen

"The prints arrived in perfect condition, and I was pleased with how they looked. I will surely look into printing with you guys again! Thanks!" - Sophie

How We Ship 4x9 Rack Cards

We typically shrink-wrapped rack cards in stacks of 250 to 500 cards depending on the order size and box type selected for shipping. Everything is enclosed in bubble wrap and mailed using sturdy boxes. We do not add invoices inside packages, but you can be print those documents from the PrintKEG control panel.

Tips For Designing Your 4x9 Rack Cards

  • Keep the front artwork simple. Try to include bold and attractive art and taglines. The front text should be clear and concise.
  • Show the benefits and features. The backside of your 4x9 rack card should clearly communicate the key benefits you provide to your clients.
  • Talk to your primary audience. How does your business's product or service improve the life of your customers? Make sure to address or solve a problem.
  • Use inspirational imagery. Relevant photos and imagery will help convey the benefits of your product or service. Try using high resolution images to ensure your art is crisp and engaging.