4x9 Rack Cards

$ 10.99

4x9 Rack Cards
Printing Info & Specs

4x9 rack cards are printed on three different premium card stocks using the latest advancements in digital printing. All cards are printed full color and full bleed (.25"). Rack cards are often located in churches, chambers, hotels, and high traffic locations. Gloss card, Matte card and Textured card options combined with premium digital printing results in phenomenal graphic prints.

We also provide larger quantities of rack cards that are more economical, UV coated and durable.

Turnaround (Business Days)

25 to 1000 - 3 days
1500 and up - 4 days

Digital Proofs

If there are concerns with bleed or trim area, resolution and size, we will contact you and possibly email a PDF proof demonstrating the issue (normally within 4 to 6 business hours). Otherwise, the artwork will move straight to production. Our staff members double-check and observe all artwork before printing to ensure 100% satisfaction. Upon request in the "messages / deadlines" area, we are happy to provide a proof.

Digital proofs may add one extra day to turnaround.


To help with preparing a 4x9 rack card for printing, we offer the below PDF template to place your art into. Please note that the file is actually 4.25x9.25.

Horizontal Rack Card

Vertical Rack Card


Three convenient card medias
We review all art for quality purposes 
We address small problems automatically 
Rack Cards are full bleed
Rack cards act as inexpensive brochures


"This is the first time I've done rack cards and they turned out great. Thanks." - Fred

"The rack cards I ordered look great. The posters I ordered were delivered right on schedule and also look great. Great prices!" - Jen


Rack cards are normally shrink-wrapped in stacks of 250 to 500 cards depending on the order size and box type selected for shipping. Cards are surrounded with bubble wrap and mailed inside durable boxes. Invoices are not added inside packages but can be printed from the PrintKEG control panel.