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Bumper Stickers

$ 99.99

Bumper Stickers
Printing Info & Specs

Our cheap custom bumper stickers come in three standard, and quite popular, sizes that are essentially rectangle shaped decals (3x10, 4x8, and 4x12) with a laminate added for extra protection. These vinyl strips of goodness are weather resistant, color exquisite and totally custom. Through the years, bumper stickers have proved themselves as a valuable and highly effective advertising medium allowing loyal customers to boast a business’s brand. There are very few other outdoor advertising methods than can reach the same level of audience exposure.

Turnaround (5 - 7 Business Days)

Turnaround times for decals and stickers are approximately 5 to 7 business days. If you have other print items in your cart with less turnaround time, they will ship along with the bumper stickers. 

Digital Proof

By default, we only provide a digital proof in cases where we see art issues, or if we have questions. Feel free to request a digital proof if you absolutely require it. We double check all artwork before printing to help ensure your 100% satisfaction.


Full color, high quality vinyl
Small quantities (small runs) welcome
We check your art for quality purposes
Bumper stickers are weather resistant


"Just got our stickers in, via printkeg.com they are awesome!"
- C. Ann

"Grail to the Thief bumper stickers are here. Thanks @printkeg!"
- @forallplay

More Information

Engineered for outdoor use, our bumper stickers adhere easily to bumpers and have the strength to withstand a variety of environmental conditions. Intended for use on car bumpers, motorcycles, suitcases, bicycles and so much more. So go ahead and hit the streets with your brand, full speed ahead!