Tri-Fold Brochures

$ 39.95

Tri-Fold Brochures
Printing Info & Specs

Tri-fold brochures still reign as one of the most classic and effective print marketing materials available typically hosting essential information in a well-organized manner. We print these “folded flyers” on glossy or matte papers that are specifically designed for brochure and booklet printing. Our cheap brochures can be half-folded, tri-folded and z-folded. 8.5x11 and 8.5x14 brochures are also extremely popular for printing take-out menus.

Brochures are closely examined by our staff to ensure folds and artwork print as intended. If we notice any issues that we cannot fix ourselves, we will contact you for assistance.

These brochures are 2-sided 8.5x11 prints tri-folded.


25-100 Brochures - 2 Days
250+ - 3 Days

Digital Proofs

If there is an issue with your art, we will email you a digital proof in PDF format. In some cases, we are able to adjust artwork to assist with proper spacing. If it is absolutely imperative you receive a digital proof beforehand, please let us know in the messages field.

Brochure Details

8.5 X 11 (file should be 8.75 X 11.25) is the most common brochure choice and normally trifolded. 8.5 X 14 is available for larger brochures (file should be 8.75 X 14.25). Brochures are double sided.

Thicker brochures (card stock) are scored and orders over 100 are not shipped folded. The scoring will ensure that the folds are crisp, accurate and clean. All orders placed on text papers are folded.

Be sure to download the "inside" and "outside" for best folding results.

8.5x11 Tri-fold Template
Side 1 (Outside)
Side 2 (Inside)

8.5x14 Tri-fold template
Side 1 (Outside)
Side 2 (Inside)


"Awesome work. Would definately contact you again on another print job in the future. Thank You." - R. Carlton

"You have great prices and great service, stay on top of things like you have in the past and your success will be great." - M. Watkins


Tri-fold brochures printed on text papers are folded and wrapped in small stacks with chipboard to protect corners. Trifold brochures printed on 80#+ cover papers are scored but orders over 100 may not be folded to ensure safe shipping.