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Rack Card Printing

Rack cards can be handy and versatile for marketing. Clients consistently rely on 4 x 9 cards as take-out menus, mailings, handouts, informational brochures, and much more. You see these cards everywhere - including hotels, travel destinations, chambers of commerce, and restaurants. There are just so many neat ways to implement these massive, yet easy-to-hold, cards for any print marketing strategy.

Rack cards have some nice advantages over brochures. 

  • Rack Cards are printed on heavy card stocks. Brochures are usually a little thinner.
  • Card stocks include three amazing media - gloss, matte and textured.
  • Since there is generally less space on a 4x9 rack card than a tri-fold brochure, these rectangle cards may be easier and less time consuming to design.
  • Custom printed rack cards are versatile print pieces. They can be mailed, framed, handed out and placed on countertops thanks to their durability.¬†

Rack cards are also available in our postcard printing area. More rack card sizes are coming soon.