Rack Card Printing

Rack cards can be extremely useful and versatile for marketing. These 4 X 9 cards are consistently used as take-out menus, mailings, handouts, informational brochures and much more. You see these cards everywhere - including hotels, travel destinations, chamber of commerces and restaurants. There are just so many neat ways to implement these large, yet easy-to-hold, cards for any print marketing strategy.

Rack cards have some nice advantages over brochures. 

- Rack cards are printed on heavy card stocks. Brochures are usually a little thinner.

- Card stocks include three amazing medias - gloss, matte and textured.

- Since there is generally less space on a 4x9 rack card than a tri-fold brochure, these rectangle cards may be easier and less time consuming to design.

- Custom printed rack cards are versatile print peices. They can be mailed, framed, handed out and placed on countertops thanks to their durability. 

Rack cards are also available in our postcard printing area. More rack card sizes are coming soon.