Booklet Printing

We're extremely proud of our booklet printing service. It's rare to find an online print company offering low runs of such wonderful custom booklets so inexpensively. One more major advantage of our booklet printing service is our staff's dedication in working with customers closely to meet deadlines and produce an incredible product. Printing any amount of booklets can be somewhat scary and nerve racking which is why we are easy to contact, work diligently with project timelines and assist in detecting quality concerns.

Full Size Booklets - Our most popular size, full sized booklets are 8.5 X 11. Two supreme paper options and upgraded covers makes these magazine-style booklets exquisite. Gloss and matte paper stocks available including upgraded (heavier) cover options. 

Half Size Booklets - Our economical half-sized 5.5 X 8.5 booklets are more suitable for workbooks, playbills and guides. These little guys are printed on gloss or matte paper stock.

Calendars - Calendars are perfect Create your own custom calendar and send the art to us. Calendars are basically full sized booklets with an upgraded cover.

Comic Books - A staff favorite, comic books (6.75 X 10.25 or 7 X 10.25) are a joy to print. The variety of sequential art by talented artists passing through our doors each week is simply incredible. Gloss and matte paper types available.

As you can see, booklets come in many sizes: full size (8.5 X 11), half size (5.5 X 11), calendars (8.5 X 11) and comic books (traditionally 7 X 10.25). Booklets are folded and stapled and work best for catalogs, guides, playbills, magazines and programs. When considering our fast turnaround, professional quality control and premium printing, Printkeg offers the cheapest prices for small runs of booklets anywhere. Custom sizes are also welcome.