Collection: Business Card Printing

Beautiful Business Cards Enhance Your Brand.

Our premium business cards remain extraordinarily popular despite social media and the digital age. We manufacture business cards on durable and impressive 16pt UV-coated gloss, uncoated/matte card, or 20pt white plastic - ideally suited for these tiny information icons. Our graphics experts remain on standby for new business owners who need assistance creating a new design from scratch.

Business cards can also include appointment cards, reminder cards, and personal cards. 

Durable Card Stocks for Classic Styles

When we first started Printkeg, we utilized the same heavyweight card stocks of postcards for business cards. But we understand that business cards usually make or break a positive first impression, so we upgraded. Our company presently renders business cards on 14pt Metallic Pearl, 16pt UV coated gloss, 16pt uncoated/matte card, 17pt magnet, 20pt white plastic, or 32pt painted-edge card stock. All five business card media effectively reflect quality and durability in a maximized effort to strengthen your brand. 

$24.99 Business Card Deal

We've recommitted ourselves to producing unbelievable high-quality business card printing at competitive prices and maintain a super deal of 250 single-sided business cards for only $24.99 (Gloss / UV Coated). Our little print company offers this phenomenal deal as a way to showcase our kick-butt quality and price combination in hopes of keeping you in the Printkeg family forever.

Business Card Design Services

Printkeg offers a relatively inexpensive yet highly professional business card design service. Our artists will create a unique brand-savvy card based on your input. There are no limits on proofs, drafts, and ideas. In the end, we want you floating in the clouds and completely satisfied that your new business card design will adequately represent you or your business.

Ultra Heavy Business Cards

Our team recently added a water-resistant and tear-proof 20pt white plastic business card with rounded corners to the mix.  We also provide astounding 32pt painted edge business cards for high-end clients.



Let's talk about Art Specs for Business Cards

Try not to become overwhelmed by art specifications - especially for business cards. Since you are handing these little guys out to potential customers and clients, these small details will help ensure an excellent impression.

  • Resolution - This is the crucial element to producing crisp business cards. We accept 300dpi, and we prefer 600dpi to ensure sharp text. If your image quality is low, our staff will contact you.
  • Color - For color accuracy, try to design your business cards in CMYK color mode. If you have no idea what this means, don't panic. Our design team will convert your files by default.
  • Bleed - This extra space allows us to provide edge-to-edge printing. Be sure to keep essential components and textual content at least a quarter-inch from the edges to avoid unwanted clipping.

If you would like to visualize your new business card before printing occurs, five dollars pay for a PDF proof that demonstrates any significant color variations and potential bleed issues.



Business Cards FAQ

How fast can I get my business cards?

Turnaround times and shipping can vary based on quantity and your location. Rush turnaround and expedited shipping options are available for some business card products.

What sizes of business cards does Printkeg offer?

We offer two convenient sizes for business cards: 3.5" x 2" and 3" x 3."

What paper and media are available?

  • 16pt UV coated gloss
  • 16pt uncoated/matte card
  • 17pt magnet
  • 20pt white plastic
  • 32pt painted-edge card stock
  • 14pt metallic pearl

What should I put on my business card?

This decision requires you to balance design and functionality. Try to keep it simple. We stick with logo, name, phone number, email, and social handle. Every business is different. Stick with the top three methods of contact you prefer.

What is the best paper stock for business cards?

All of our card options are stellar for business cards. Our most popular stock is the 16pt gloss or matte card. We also offer plastic, magnets, and an incredible 32pt. If you require the ability to write on your cards, be sure to select a matte or uncoated choice.



"Super great quality! I bought my first ever business cards and I couldn’t be more pleased!"

"The square business cards were just as I envisioned. Thanks for the super fast delivery too!"



How Do We Print Business Cards?

We produce classic and 3" x 3" business cards using a 4-color offset printing press. Doing so allows us to take advantage of durable and long-lasting materials ranging from 16pt to 32pt. Materials include glossy, uncoated, and plastic. Feel confident we will deliver business cards you will be proud of.



Business Card Deals For Small Businesses

Business cards are available in durable card materials ranging from 16pt up to 32pt. Square and classic fits are available at remarkable price points. These business card deals will be hard to pass up.

250 Classic Business Cards

3.5" x 2"


UV Coated
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500 Square Business Cards

3" X 3"


UV Coated
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250 32pt Business Cards

3.5" X 2"


Painted Edges
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250 Leaf Business Cards

3.5" x 2"


Two rounded corners
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100 Pearl Metallic Cards

3.5" X 2"


Add some sparkle!
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100 Plastic Business Cards

3.5" X 2"


White, Frosted, Clear
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How To Order Business Cards

Learn More About The Order Process of Printing Business Cards

  1. Review and choose the type of business card you are interested in ordering. Are you searching for paper, plastic, or magnet cards? Add your business card product to your cart - similar to how other shopping sites operate. During this step, you upload your files, review shipping preferences, and complete payment.
  2. Once the new order is complete, we start reviewing your artwork. One of our graphics professionals inspects your file(s) and passes it off to our production department if all specifications appear on point. If the designer identifies any hurdles she cannot quickly fix, she will email you. Our primary goal is quality assurance.
  3. At the time your business card order transfers to our production team, we will send updates by email. The first notification provides you an estimated print and ship date. Follow-up emails will continue as we finish printing, packing, and shipping. You always know the status of your current order.
  4. Finally, you receive your custom business cards by UPS or USPS within a few business days. We hope you continue choosing us as your go-to company for future printing needs.



The Printkeg Promise

Although our print studio primarily focuses on artwork, we know artists must be diligent as marketers. We assist small businesses across the country with multiple media choices for business cards and other marketing materials. We promise to make the process of ordering custom prints easy, affordable, secure, and fast.

Variety of Business Card Media

Printkeg offers five unique materials for business cards: Gloss 16pt UV Coated, Matte/Uncoated 16pt, Magnet 17pt, Plastic 20pt, and Painted Edge 32pt. We can also add rounded corners, spot UV, and spot foil upon request. We continue adding new features to business card printing to help our customers stand out.

Get Your Business Cards Fast

Most business card orders print within three business days. Additionally, several expedited UPS shipping methods to help speed things along. Our entire print team strives to meet your deadlines if you provide that date information in your order's instructions area.



Need Help With Designing New Business Cards?

We are here to help you create a custom-designed and unique business card that fully identifies with your business.

Our internal designers can help you create new business cards for your small business, brand, or personal identity. Our lead designer worked for Printkeg for many years until branching out into self-employment. We continue to work with her company to this day. Once you place a business card order that includes design services, she will reach out to you and help you create an incredible design. During hectic times, you may work with an internal specialist.

The experience is easy, fast, and rewarding. Our lead designer will work with you via email. She will ask questions to help her better understand your brand. We do provide her with all information that you furnished to us. There are unlimited concepts and proofs, and she will pass on your final print-ready files to us. By the end of the experience, you will gain an excellent new design contact for any future projects you may have.

What do we need from you? Anything you can give to us is helpful — your current logo, other forms of marketing, color codes, preferred fonts, etc. If you are a new business or store owner, tell us your story. We also want pertinent contact information such as name, title, phone numbers, website addresses, social network handles, and anything else necessary to your brand. Try to keep things simple.



Thickness Comparison and Media Descriptions for Printing Business Cards.

14pt Metallic Pearl Business Cards

One of our favorite card stocks, the metallic pearl offers a glimmering approach to a classic marketing strategy. 

16pt Gloss/Matte Business Cards

This stock is the gold standard for the durability of most high-end business cards. For glossy cards, we add UV Coating for an extra layer of protection.

17pt Business Cards Magnet

Sometimes, sticky business cards make a lot of sense. We print these cards on durable and wear-resistant magnet media.

20pt Plastic Business Cards

These rounded cornered 3.5" x 2" cards are water-resistant and tear-proof, increasing customers' likeliness to remember and save your contact information.

32pt Painted-Edge Business Cards

Made from archival quality (nothing prints better), these are hefty business cards with a beautiful, natural finish. Plus, there's that pop of color right on the edges to make an impression.



Two Common Design Mistakes People Make When Printing Business Cards

Our internal designers are on standby to ensure your file results in immaculate business cards. Try to avoid these two common problems we encounter most with business card designs.

  1. Undesired Color Changes - There are multiple reasons colors can deviate from your original file. Many circumstances affect color, including your monitor, backlighting, save/export settings, hardware collapses, color mode, color profiles, paper media, etc. The easiest way to avoid color discrepancies is to work in the CMYK color mode. We recommend adding a PDF digital proof to your order. Digital proofs are not 100% accurate, but they can alert you to major undesired color shifts.
  2. Text Too Close To The Edges - Many designers place contact information too close to the edges, which may get partially trimmed if we move straight to print. Try to keep all text and logos at least .125 to .25 inches away from all four edges. Our internal artists try to fix issues before contacting you. If we see elements in danger of being clipped during production, we will contact you or fix the problem ourselves.