How Do I Become a Reseller?



Artists, Designers, Print Brokers etc.

Step 1

Before signing up, please quickly create a general account.

Step 2

To actually become an official reseller, please fill out this application in its entirety. We require data like business ID (or SSN), address, contact information etc. This information is protected and never passed on to a 3rd party outside of our company and Wufoo (an online form builder). Your email address will be added to our mailing list.

Many artists, print companies, screen printers, print brokers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs and small businesses partner with Printkeg to increase profitability and serve clients well. Any business entity, small or large, qualifies for our reseller program. 



Step 1

Before signing up, please quickly create a general account.

Step 2

Although we have developed this program with schools, churches and clubs in mind, we recognize that nonprofit organizations exist for a variety of reasons. Nonprofit organizations that submit a 501c3 determination letter will enjoy a 10% discount on all orders made at Printkeg. This program is very similar to our resellers program and pretty much follows the same guidelines and same application



How it Works

Once approved, we will email a unique coupon code that will give you or your company a 10% discount off everything at any time. Businesses in South Carolina that are tax exempt will receive an extra 5% discount since our system charges sales taxes. Resellers and nonprofits also receive extra perks like faster turnarounds, special attention and advanced sales notifications. 

Only one coupon code can be used per order. 

Coupon codes, including your reseller code, will not work on some products including large posters and booklets. You can get around the large posters by ordering large prints instead.




Can I use general discounts offered on the Printkeg website?

Resellers can opt to apply any one discount code for any order. You can choose between a current marketing promotion discount being offered or your 10% Reseller discount.

Do you offer blind shipping?

Yes, you can dropship your prints directly from Printkeg to your customers. We do not add invoices, marketing materials, or our company name to any orders.

How do I track orders?

Order IDs and email confirmations are provided upon successful placement of orders. Resellers can log in to their account with Printkeg and access their portal to keep track of print orders. You can also access our public order status page to see the latest update.

Once shipped, we will email you the tracking information. We also email you during each phase of your project.

How do I access my wholesale pricing?

While checking out, you must input your unique Reseller coupon code. The discount will not work if you are not logged in. This code is emailed to you once your account is approved.