Save More When Printing Multiple Files July 07 2017

Our main goal is to rule the land when printing 11x17 artwork, and we think we're on to something here.

Printkeg is currently running an experiment with 11x17, 12x18 and 13x19 printing which allows customers to print multiple files while still taking advantage of bulk discounts. For instance, if you want to print 250 of 4 files, you can simple select the quantity of 1000. You can pick the quantity of 100 and print 25 of 4 different files.

The maximum amount of multiple art files you can submit is 5 per quantity. Our upload feature can only handle one file, so you will need to utilize email or a service like Dropbox to send us your files.

For now, this experiment is only available for:

  • 11x17 Flyers
  • 11x17 Small Posters
  • 12x18 Small Posters
  • 13x19 Small Posters

A few rules

- You must use the same paper type for all prints.
- Custom cuts are an exception to this offer.
- Shipping cannot be split up in any way.
- This program does not apply to other products or sizes.