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Enjoy a Buffet of Poster Printing Media.

Cheap poster printing for artists is our thing. Small posters are sizes 11x17, 12x18, and 13x19 and are partnered with sturdy paper options. Large prints include many popular wide-format sizes such as 16x20, 18x24, and 24x36, which impress quality gloss or matte photo media. The Printkeg staff has worked hard to achieve stunning prints at amazingly discounted prices - something we're proud to boast about.

  • Almost all media is archival. Text papers are the only exception.
  • Poster printing solutions are geared toward retail art.
  • Print multiple files per quantity (up to five) to increase profit.
  • Our staff designers inspect all artwork for technical issues.
  • We are always available to consult newcomers.
  • Feel free to contact us for custom poster projects. 

Our cheap poster printing company started in 2008 with a product line of only three sizes: 11x17, 12x18, and 13x19. With convenient paper choices, low quantity options, and exceptional price levels, these core products allowed us to move into larger prints and beyond. Small posters are digitally printed on rich gloss, smooth matte, or textured felt card stocks. Our experts reproduce your art with advanced digital production presses explicitly built for graphic designers requiring extraordinary full-color image quality.

  • Gloss Card (110# Cover) – The most popular choice is the satin-gloss card due to its shine and brilliant colors.
  • Matte Card (100# Cover) – Ideal for framing, the smooth matte card showcases elegance and quality.
  • Textured Matte (100# Cover) – This felt material is the heart of our fine arts division and presents artists with a textured choice. 
  • Metallic Card (100# Cover) - Intended for limited editions or variants to your print runs.

Large Posters

Our production team prints large posters using commercial wide-format inkjet printers geared toward graphic artists and designers. Color accuracy and richness are almost unheard of at these price levels. Media options include photo gloss and photo matte. Sizes vary, starting with 16x20 and 18x24, featuring the popular 24x36 and 27x40 and reaching as large as 36x60 and longer.

  • Gloss Photo Paper – Our impressive satin Glossy Photo Paper is a 235 g/m2 photographic paper engineered for photographic and robust graphics. Expect beautiful colors and a 200+ year archival rating - all at a very competitive price. 
  • Matte Photo Paper This second archival option is FSC Certified and 180 g/m2. This media feels heavy and appears opaque to deliver intense graphics and photo-realistic images.

Giclée (Watercolor and Canvas)

Giclée printing, or digital prints produced through inkjet technology, includes all large posters, canvas prints, and watercolor productions. Each of these large-format poster printing services offers stunning quality at lean prices. 

  • Canvas– Our canvas material is perfect for fine art and photo reproduction due to its subtle texture.
  • Watercolor – This rigid watercolor paper combined with our high-end graphics-oriented inkjet wide format printers results in stunning giclée masterpieces. 


We've included banners in our poster printing category to ensure they are easy to find. Banners printed on premium 13oz scrim vinyl are intended for indoor or long-term outdoor events, with nickel grommets and hemming optional. Grommets can be placed at 2' or 3' variances and meet most occasions' requirements. Outdoor banners and backdrops are also available in our banners section.


Printkeg also produces solvent-based solutions for signage on materials such as corrugated plastic, backlit film, foam core, and gator board. These solutions can be found in our promotional and sign products category.


"I keep returning to PK for its top-notch quality and customer service. I have never worked with a print company that is so quick to get back to my questions. Keep doing what you're doing!"



Art Specs for Poster Printing

Since poster printing includes a wide range of sizes and media, we will keep this simple. The important thing is not to overthink the technical aspects. We are here to help.

  • Resolution - This is the key to producing sharp, high-end posters. We will print as low as 150dpi, but we prefer 300dpi. If your image resolution is poor, we will contact you. A low-quality image can appear terrific on your monitor.
  • Color - We print small posters 13x19 and under using the CMYK color model. We use a 12-color inkjet system for posters 16x10 and up, so CMYK and RGB color modes are acceptable.
  • Bleed - This extra area allows us to provide edge-to-edge prints. You can learn more about the bleed requirements on the individual product pages. The most important item to know is this: Keep all essential components at least a quarter-inch from the edges to avoid clipping.



Poster Printing FAQ

Are your papers archival?

These papers are considered archival in this poster printing section: 110# Gloss Card, 100# Matte Card, 100# Textured Card, Photo Gloss, Photo Matte, Watercolor Paper, and Canvas.

Can I order a custom poster size?

Absolutely! That's what makes us different than places like Vista Print. You can print in multiples of a quarter inch. To get started, pick the closest size your art will fit into, then let us know the custom poster size in the instructions area. For instance, if you need a 22.5" x 35" poster, select the size 24" x 36". If you need an 11" x 15" small poster, you can choose 11" x 17". There is no additional cut charge for this service.

Can I print multiple files?

Yes. You can print as many art files as you like for wide format prints. You can print up to five different files per quantity for smaller posters. Please review our multiple file policy for more information. This policy is an incredible opportunity to save money on your custom posters.

How do you ship posters?

Posters 13 x 19" and under are shipped flat inside boxes with chipboard and bubble wrap. Posters 16 x 20" and wider are rolled and shipped inside tubes.

Will you inspect my poster before I order?

Sure, we inspect all art before production begins. If you would like an image review before committing to making an order, please email your art to ahead of time.

What is the standard size for large posters?

The most common sizes for custom large posters are 16x20, 18x24, 24x36, and 27x40. These are the most requested sizes for art posters that we see printed on our wide format machines.

My poster file is too large to upload. How else can I send you my files?

Our upload option is limited to 5GB, but customers may experience upload constraints due to various technical limitations. This is not a problem at all. If you cannot submit your art alongside the order, please email the files after order completion. You can email the art as an attachment or utilize third-party image storage services like WeTransfer or Dropbox to provide us access (preferably as a link).

I have a 24 x 36 PDF file. If I send that, can you print it as a 12x18?

Yes! We will resize your artwork to fit the print size you order. We will let you know if there are any resolution or dimension issues before printing.



"Amazing quality! I am absolutely blown away and so in love with my posters! Thank you so much! For sure ordering more in the future!"
"These prints are amazing! I was so nervous on how they would come out, Printkeg definitely made me feel welcomed & was really in helping me out working with me. Excellent Job, love everything they did for me. Thank You "
"I had an issue with my shipping, and Printkeg sent me a completely new one which was very much appreciated. When I opened it I was really impressed by the quality of the paper and the colors. I thought that if I had blown it up that big, it might have looked not as crisp, but it was stunning and perfect. So happy I gave you guys a shot and would definitely order from you again. Thank you for understanding the poster getting lost in the mail."



Popular Poster Printing Sizes

Small and Medium Posters

  • 11" x 14"
  • 11" x 17"
  • 12" x 16"
  • 12" x 18"
  • 13" x 19"

Large Posters and Photographs

  • 16" x 20"
  • 18" x 24"
  • 20" x 30
  • 24" x 36"
  • 27" x 40"
  • 30" x 40"
  • 36" x 48"

Stretched Canvas and Watercolor 

  • 12" x 12"
  • 12" x 18"
  • 16" x 20"
  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 36"



About Our Poster Printing Technologies

Our production staff harnesses two different next-generation digital print technologies to make custom posters.

We print smaller posters 11" x 17, 12" x 18", and 13" x 19" using advanced graphics arts production presses capable of astounding CMYK color spectrums. For more giant posters, including canvas and watercolor, we harness inkjet technology capabilities (also known as giclée). This artist-preferred technology allows us to render beautiful colors due to the 12-color pigment ink set.



Poster Printing Deals

Printkeg hosts an enormous amount of print deals. Way back in 2008, we started this company solely offering custom posters. Since then, we've expanded quite a bit, but this category remains our first love.

100 Retail Art Posters

11" x 17"


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Large Poster Print

16" x 20"


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25 Medium Posters

12" X 18"


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5 Large Art Prints

13" x 19"


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Large Giclée Poster

24" x 36"


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Panoramic Print

24" X 48"


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The Entire Process of Ordering Posters

    1. You pick the custom poster printing you need, similar to most other shopping websites. During this step, you can upload your art file, calculate shipping, and make payment.
    2. After you finish checking out, we will receive your order. One of our hip artists reviews your poster art files and sets them up for professional printing. If that designated artist detects any issues she cannot quickly resolve, she will contact you by email. Quality is our main priority.
    3. As the order moves into production, you receive status emails as your order progresses. The first notification provides the estimated print and ship date. Follow-up emails usually continue once we complete printing, then when tracking is made available. We believe communication is critical.
    4. You receive your kick-butt posters and smile.



Printing Posters Is Our Business.

Printkeg Promises

We dedicate ourselves to your happiness by quickly creating beautiful posters and delivering them to your door. Before printing, our staff artists examine your files closely to ensure a superb end product.

Start Printing Posters Today.

Posters Ship Fast

If there are no art problems, we ship most posters and flyers within one or two business days. And rush turnaround options are available. You can also review several expedited shipping methods that best fit your deadlines.

Print Your Posters Your Way.

The Right Media

We offer a wide array of media selections for almost any project. Think of everything from art cards, photo paper, gatorboard, and canvas to watercolor paper. We handpick the finest archival materials available for retail posters and art reproduction.



Tips for Designing Posters For Printing

Think About Printing

Different printing techniques require different design strategies. Are you working in CMYK color mode? Do you need a bleed area? Should your graphic be a vector? Are you printing with pigment ink or toner? What size are you printing? Are you printing the same poster in multiple sizes? These questions are aspects to think about when printing your designs as posters.

Don't Forget to Call To Action.

For marketing posters, you have a goal or task for readers. This task may include buying a product, attending an event, hiring your services, registering before a deadline, buying tickets, etc. Give readers a call-to-action statement to do what you want. We recommend adding a call-to-action motto near your poster's end or middle area. This language is a fundamental part of any advertisement campaign.

Use Space Wisely

Space is a critical element in graphic design. Your spatial strategy is crucial for poster printing since your audience will first view the material from a great distance. We recommend you exercise more generous spacing between elements while designing your poster. One benefit of good spacing is how tremendous the art impacts the visual intensity.

Incorporate Big Imagery

To catch a person's eye, try to incorporate one colossal image that anyone can see from a moderate distance. Choose an illustration, design element, photo, or typography. Prominent imagery has a better chance to remain in viewers' memory for a prolonged time, which helps build brand identity.

Add Contrast To Your Poster

The use of contrast catches the eye. Apply dark and light colors. Test dark text against light backgrounds or vice versa. Rather than adopting a monotone color palette, you could favor colors that appear distinctly separate. Experiment with typefaces and design elements of multiple color volumes your audience can comfortably perceive from a distance.

Think About Distance

Usually, posters must be visible from a distance, and the information should be attention-grabbing. Near the top, include a headline in bold typography that quickly draws a reader's attention. Next, place your principal message in a font half the size of your main headline. The finer details of less importance can go at the bottom in a smaller format.



Inches to Pixels Chart for Printing Posters

If you design using pixels rather than inches, here is a list showing the minimum pixels preferred for high-resolution poster printing (300dpi).

Small Poster Sizes

11 x 14" = 3,300 x 4,200px
11 x 17" = 3,300 x 5,100px
12 x 16" = 3,600 x 4,800px
12 x 18" = 3,600 x 5,400px
13 x 19" = 3,900 x 5,700px

Large Poster Sizes

16 x 20" = 4,800 x 6,000px
18 x 24" = 5,400 x 7,200px
20 x 30" = 6,000 x 9,000px
24 x 36" = 7,200 x 10,800px
27 x 40" = 8,100 x 12,000px

Panoramic Prints

12 x 24" = 3,600 x 10,800px
24 x 48" = 7,200 x 14,000px
24 x 60" = 7,200 x 18,000px
36 x 60" = 10,800 x 18,000px
36 x 96" = 10,800 x 28,800px



Three Common Poster Printing Obstacles We See.

Our graphics artists are on standby to ensure your art prints correctly. These three items are the most common issues preventing us from printing your poster artwork.

  1. Quality concern - Sometimes, the art we receive does not meet our quality guidelines for printing posters. Most people can resolve resolution issues by exporting digital files from their camera, software, or scanner at higher quality settings. We will ask you for higher resolution files if necessary for sharper prints.
  2. Bleed Area is Missing - We need a quarter-inch bleed area for smaller posters. The easiest way to make it easy for us to print your posters edge-to-edge is to ensure all vital text and imagery are at least 0.25 inches away from every side. You only need to keep items 0.125 inches away from the sides for giant posters.
  3. The Wrong Size - Many people struggle with size. That's okay. If your art does not seem to match up with the poster size you select, we recommend a different size. The most common situation we see is 11x17 posters that should be 11x14 prints and vice versa. Size mistakes are prevalent, so don't panic if you are unsure about your art. We are here to walk you through any discrepancies.