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Step Up Your Card Game with Invitations and Note Cards.

Stationery, invitations, and note card printing are excellent for holiday cards, birthday cards, greeting cards, wedding invites, birth announcements, selling artwork, and much more.  Printkeg is the perfect place to buy quality custom-printed folded and flat cards.

  • Premium card stocks are available for flat, folded, and notecards. Flat cards are even more durable than our postcards.
  • We provide envelope options with invitations and note cards. Be sure to choose your favorite color!
  • Choose one of three convenient finished sizes: 3.5 x 5", 4.25 x 5.5", and 5 x 7" (flat or folded options).

Flat Cards

Enjoy premium media alternatives to postcards

No folds, just a simple and elegant custom flat card with two supreme 16pt card choices plus one impressive textured option. Flat cards are 3.5 x 5", 4.25 x 5.5", or 5 x 7" and are printed on a durable 130# gloss cover, 120# matte cover, or 100# textured card stock. Envelopes are available for all flat cards.

Folded Cards

Choose smaller quantities, a buffet of card stocks, and envelope colors.

More space and double the fun; folded cards are conventional for greeting cards, birthday cards, wedding invitations, and holiday cards. We digitally print folded cards on four convenient paper options featuring heavy "110# Gloss Card" and "100# Matte Card" stocks. Select one of many colors for your envelopes or add none,

Note Cards

Our smooth premium matte is engineered for writing.

Our experts produce these personalized flat cards on a hefty uncoated, opaque, smooth matte card stock easy to write on. Envelopes are optional.

Specialty Cards

Explore exciting media and bulk quantities.

We are expanding our lineup for greeting cards and announcement cards. Media options such as our "18pt CS1 Card" and "14pt Pearl Metallic" provide new retail possibilities for artists. 

Envelopes Are Available For All Invitations

You can choose Ivory White, Natural, or Grocer Kraft envelopes to accompany each card in our invitations and note cards collection.

On top of the above envelope options, 5x7 folded cards offer additional colors for their A7 jackets. These colors include Dark Red, Gamma Green, Blast-Off Blue, Eclipse Black, Lift-off Lemon, Pulsar Pink, and Gravity Grape. Due to supply constraints, sometimes we must make substitutions.

White envelopes are available with 18pt Greeting Cards, and matching envelopes are optional with Metallic Pearl and Kraft cards.

Three Primary Sizes for Custom Invitation and Note Card

We offer three convenient finished sizes for invitations: 5 x 7" ( with A7 envelopes), 4.25 x 5.5" (A2), and 3.5 x 5" (4-bar). If you have a custom size, please let us know in the "Messages / Deadline" area. We are more than happy to review personalized projects.

Art Specs For Custom Cards

Try not to feel overwhelmed by art specifications - especially for invitations and greeting cards. Since this category comprises such high-end products, this information might play a vital role in your final products.

  • Resolution - This component is the key to producing sharp, high-end folded or flat cards. We prefer 300dpi or higher. We recommend 600dpi for cards with text. If your image quality is low, our staff will contact you.
  • Color - We print all cards in CMYK color mode. If you have no idea what this means, don't panic. Our design team converts everything by default.
  • Bleed - This extra space allows us to provide edge-to-edge printing. The most important item to know is this: Keep essential components and textual content at least a quarter-inch from the edges to avoid unwanted clipping.

Custom Invitations and Notecards FAQ

What sizes are available for Invitations and Note Cards?

Our three main sizes for customized invitations and notecards include flat or folded 3.5 x 5, 4.25 x 5.5, and 5 x 7.

Do invitations include envelopes?

Yes, each personalized card order usually includes 4-Bar, A2, or A7 envelopes (as long as you make an envelope selection). We add white envelopes for a tiny $1, and other colors are available at amazingly low rates.

How soon can I receive my cards?

Turnaround is usually two or three days for most invitation products. You can select from numerous shipping methods during the checkout process.

Is the paper different than postcards?

Yes and no. While many cover stocks are available for both categories, our most decadent options are only made available in the Invitations sections under flat cards and note cards. The luxurious "120# Matte Card" and "130# Gloss Card" are our most elite archival stocks. We also offer "18pt CS1 Card" and "Metallic Pearl" for greeting cards.

For folded cards, what is the difference between the matte card #70 and #100?

The 100# is noticeably heavier and best for retail purposes. The 70# is better for budget/business or handouts. Both are the same brand of paper, so the quality is excellent. 

Can you provide larger orders of greeting cards?

Yes! Please contact us for quotes for your particular project. Our website focuses on smaller runs. However, we can offer customizations such as larger quantities at bulk rates, UV Coating, metallic pearl media, and 14pt/16pt/18pt card options.

More FAQ's Regarding Folded Cards

Can I print different images within the quantity - for example, if I order a quantity of 50 greeting cards, can I submit 5 images to print 10 of each card within the same batch?

Yes, most flat cards, note cards, folded cards, and invitations do qualify for our multiple file policy; if you see the option "How Many Designs?" that benefit is available. Learn more about that policy, here

How can I tell which way the card will open using the template? Which side is the front and which side is the back?

This depends on whether the design is vertical or horizontal. Try to visualize the fold while working with the template. If you send us an example of your art, we can provide more guidance.

Do I need to place the back upside down so when it is folded it renders correctly?

If the vertical artwork is rotated to landscape view, then yes. Please feel free to email your artwork for further clarification. We also recommend ordering a PDF digital proof.

"I was pleasantly impressed with the turnaround! Great quality prints on heavy stock. Spot on! Will definitely be dealing with you again for all my artwork prints and art cards."

Learn More About The Print Technology

Custom invitations, note cards, and greeting cards require upscale digital presses with robust capabilities.

To print invitations and cards, we rely on advanced digital production presses to efficiently produce graphics on heavy archival media. These toner-based machines were meticulously engineered to output outstanding CMYK color spectrums on glossy, matte, and textured card stocks with ease.

Incredible Deals for Invitations

Our custom invitation printing is a high-end solution for greeting cards, thank you cards, wedding invites, and so much more. In this area, you will find some of our most luxurious papers and envelopes. We invite you to review our many great prices today!

50 Note Cards

3.5" X 5"


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25 Folded Cards

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100 Flat Cards

4.25" X 5.5"


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The Process of Ordering Invitations and Note Cards

  1. Review and add a set of flat, folded, or note cards to your cart - similar to other shopping sites. During this first step, you upload your art files, review shipping options, and complete payment.
  2. After you complete the checkout, we start reviewing your artwork closely. One of our graphic designers analyzes your art file and hands it off to our production team if everything is good to go. If that designer recognizes any difficulties she cannot quickly fix, she will communicate with you by email. Our foremost objective is to protect quality.
  3. Once your invitation order crosses the production stage, we will send you updates by email. The first notification presents your estimated print and ship date. Follow-up emails will proceed as we complete printing, packing, and shipping. You always know what is happening with your order.
  4. You receive your custom invitations or note cards within a few days. We hope you choose us for your future printing needs.

Print Your Invitations & Note Cards With Us

The Printkeg Promise

We promise to serve you well. We check artwork for any technical issues. Our designers take extra steps to ensure your prints appear as you intend. We will work diligently to support special requests and impending deadlines. Whether you are selling greeting cards, planning an event, or sending party invitations, we treat every project with love.

Advantages of Invitations

For custom invitations, we added to the three premium postcard types we already offer. The "Gloss Card (130# Cover)" and "Matte Card (120# Cover)" feel hefty and are only available for flat cards in this area. In this section, you can also add varying colors of envelopes to your order. Please contact our customer service for bulk orders beyond what our website offers.

We Make Cards Hastily

For most custom invitation and notecard products, we print within three business days. Additionally, we offer rush selections and various expedited shipping methods to help speed things along. Our entire print team strives to meet your deadlines if you provide that date information in your order's instructions area.

Design Tips for Printing Greeting Cards, Invitations, and Note Cards.

Software To Make Folded and Flat Cards

Professional design software can be used to create greeting cards and note cards. Many people start using Adobe Photoshop. However, publishing programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, or Microsoft Publisher offer better controls with page sizing, color settings, and typography. You could use a Microsoft Office program, but we're not big fans of that option.

Proper Sizes for Greeting Cards and Beyond

We recommend sticking to the standard sizes that commercial printers generally produce. These exact sizes are also easy to find envelopes for and display on most shelving. Custom sizes are always welcome, but Finding envelopes could become an issue. The most common print sizes of greeting cards, invitations, and note cards include 5x7 (A7 envelope), 4x6 (A6 envelope), 4.25x5.5(A2 envelope), and 3.5x5 (4-Bar envelope).

How to Layout Your Card

When creating your artwork using InDesign, set up your document as two single pages for the outside and inside your card (or the front and reverse side of a flat postcard.) If you intend to print your card with a professional company, be sure to include a bleed of 0.125 inches (a total of 0.25 inches) to all sides of your pages. On the first page of your new document, place your main content for the front side of the card.

Fonts and Typography

The message of your card is the center point. It's a good idea to consider what sort of font will be appropriate for your card's tone and style. Greeting cards are generally informal (unless it's a corporate card design), and hand-drawn or handwritten fonts can help your card to feel more personal and friendly. Invitations for weddings may be more formal and require fonts to match.

Finding Imagery for Your New Cards

Things get a hair tricky when you try to settle on the type of imagery to feature on your card design. Photos work beautifully as stand-alone images on the front of cards. Black-and-white portraits of pets and landscapes are a classic and stunning choice for traditional cards. Naively drawn patterns, animals, or people will help you channel a relaxed, modern vibe with your designs. You can either create your illustrations by hand or by using vector software like Adobe Illustrator. Alternatively, there are tons of places online to surf through stock illustrations.

How to Export Your Card for Printing

Now that you finished working on your card design, it's easy to export it as a printable PDF. For printing cards, make sure to include the bleed during the export. Also, select "press-ready PDF" for the format to ensure a high-quality finish. In other programs, the most critical element is preserving high quality.

Thickness Comparison for Printing Discount Invitations and Note Cards.

70/80# Cover

You won't find too much of this cover stock in this area. The "70#/80# cover" is typically utilized for budgetary folded cards, flyers, and upgraded booklet covers. Some artists apply this card stock for economical, temporary, or marketing efforts.

14pt Metallic Pearl

This paper is the only 14pt card stock we offer, but for a good reason. The paper quality assures a heavy hand and includes Pearl fibers that exude a smooth, metallic appearance. No doubt, printing on this stock will give your CMYK colors a subtle shimmer. It's a little expensive but looks great for wedding invitations, save the dates, and fancy parties.

100/110# Cover

The weight of the 100#/110# card selections is comparable to 16pt. The prime benefit of this media is the 200+ year archival rating. Thickness isn't everything. Many other online print companies compare thickness with quality, and this is profoundly misleading. We offer these opaque card options for artists looking to capture the fine details in artwork that most paper cannot facilitate.

18pt CS1 Card

The "18pt CS1 Card" is a beautiful media choice for folded greeting cards. The exterior is ultra-shiny, while the interior remains uncoated ready for writing. There is no denying this card material feels excellent in your hands. Although not necessarily intended for retail art, we harness this card stock for bulk orders of greeting cards.

How Do I Make A Custom Card?

  1. Begin creating cards in Printkeg's Invitations and Notecards section.
  2. Choose a card type: We offer a variety of cardstock options suitable for birthday cards, birth announcements, Christmas cards, graduation announcements, holiday cards, thank you cards, wedding invitations, and more.
  3. Choose a card size: The most common sizes for flat cards, folded cards, and notecards are 3.5x5, 4.25x5.5, and 5x7.
  4. Send us your artwork: We print your custom artwork. Send us your digital artwork or digital photos of your physical artwork.
  5. Order your custom card: after selecting your envelopes, click "Add to cart," then choose a shipping option and place your order.