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4.25x5.5 Folded Cards

$ 17.99

4.25x5.5 Folded Cards
Printing Info & Specs

Envelopes are included

We offer four outstanding card stocks for custom 4.25x5.5 folded cards and invitations. Two are less expensive for handing out, and two are more durable, particularly for mailing purposes. Our team individually scores each card for folding perfection, and we partner them with white vellum or natural envelopes. We've seen folded cards utilized for almost every occasion imaginable, including holiday cards, party invitations, art collections, greeting cards, birthday cards, and much more. We'd love to help print your next card project.


  • White vellum or natural envelopes included
  • Both sides can be full bleed and full color
  • We help with proper art setup

Four Premium Card Choices

  • Gloss Card (80# Cover) - This paper is a less expensive alternative and classic selection for cards.
  • Matte Card (70# Cover) - Enjoy this fitting stock for elegant cards requiring less shine.
  • Gloss Card (110# Cover) - If you are mailing cards, we recommend sticking with a substantial media. This paper also feels more impressive while holding.
  • Matte Card (100# Cover) - Our favorite paper option, this smooth card stock, is conducive for artwork and colors.

We recommend the latter heavy card options, but the first two paper choices offer significant savings. 


Three business days for all quantities.


This downloadable template offers a better way to visualize the bleed area for each printed side.

4.25x5.5 Folded Card Template


4.25x5.5 single or double-sided cards are available. Single-sided cards include the front and back of the card. A double-sided card adds the inside area.

We carefully score each card for folding perfection. Orders 100 cards and under are shipped already folded. Large orders remain flat when sent for safe transportation. All 4.25x5.5 cards are considered "full bleed" or "borderless," and we only provide a white margin if present in the original artwork.

Single or Double?

Single-Sided - Art can be on the front and very back of the card.
Double-Sided - This includes printing on the inside of the card as well.


Don't worry; we briefly review all files for quality purposes. If we see obvious problems, we will still send you a preview ensuring your prints look correct! If you need a digital sample, please select the appropriate proof option. A digital proof may delay an order by a single business day but save us all from unexpected mistakes.


We score all 4.25x5 custom printed folded cards. However, please note, we only fold orders under 100.

    Envelope Choices

    Two envelope choices are available for 4.25.5x5.5 folded cards: Vellum White and Natural. Please note that the natural envelope is a tad bit darker in person than what you may see on the screen.

    Envelope color choices for 4.25x5.5 folded cards