What You Need To Know

Printkeg recently launched an exciting new website (our third version now) that will help us better serve customers in many ways. Unfortunately, with this website change, we will not be transferring any data (artwork excluded). Instead, we are asking all past customers to create a new account which should be fairly painless. We appreciate your understanding and hope you stick with us during this transition. 

How do you know if you need to create a new account?

1. If you've never used this website version before. 

2. If you've ordered from this website before, but ordered as a guest and didn't create a password at the end of your last order. Holding an actual account is not required anymore, but it is recommended.

Creating a new account will allow you to save shipping and mailing addresses and review past orders going forward. There is the option of checking out as a "guest," but that may become cumbersome for recurring customers.

How to create an account

There are two very easy and quick ways to create an account.

1. Click "Create an account" at the top of our website.

2. Create a password at the end of your next order when asked.

You've been with us for years...why must you create a new account?

Rather than importing data from a platform we developed to Shopify (the e-commerce solution we are now using) which would still require you to create a new account, we decided to start fresh. Some past data will soon be available from members.printkeg.com. Logging in there will allow you to retrieve old order numbers as reference of past orders and artwork. We have not deleted any artwork under two years old. If you need any help at all, please call or email us. 

Why did we do all this?

The list of reasons we switched e-commerce platforms is long. Security and functionality tops the list. In order to offer more incentives, more products, better security, rewards programs and much more, we needed to switch. In the past, we've always developed our own stuff, but now we want to focus more time on printing and less on programming.

How to use our new website

New Features 

1. New shipping options. We now offer UPS and USPS methods.

2. PayPal payment method is now available.

3. This new site is responsive and works well on all devices.

4. Added security

5. Local pickups are now free.

6. Screen printing is now available

7. New support system is now in place

8. Upload art before paying

9. More notifications as orders progress





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