Save more when printing multiple files.


Understanding Flat Rates and Shipping Methods

Printkeg offers many discounted shipping methods and flat rate options to help reduce the burden of shipping expenses to our customers. We've experimented with free shipping in the past, but that just hasn't been something we could maintain. Since that is the case, we have developed an attractive blend of shipping options. We offer the following services:

  • Flat Rate Shipping
  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS First Class Package
  • UPS Ground
  • UPS 3-Day Select
  • UPS 2-Day Air
  • UPS Next Day Air
  • FedEx Ground

Each shipping method has advantages and disadvantages, and each should be researched and understood - especially if you have a deadline. We discount every service by sharing our bulk rates with customers. We do not make any money on shipping and refuse to increase our prices to accommodate shipping expenses. Instead, we try to be as reasonable as possible. Here is a breakdown of each service: 

How COVID19 Affects Shipping

Both UPS and USPS do not guarantee transit days for any service. We are still not sure when this policy will stop. USPS has never guaranteed their 2-day or 3-day Priority service. The number of days in the USPS naming schema is more of a guideline than a commitment.

Flat Shipping Rates

These are discounted rates provided to help keep your shipping costs down. Most of the time, flat rates offer huge savings. If you select a flat shipping rate, our shipping department will choose the least expensive shipping method, including UPS Ground or any USPS service (including Priority and First Class). The method of shipping is at our discretion. The service we use generally depends on the weight of the package.

We do not employ UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost since those services usually hand off packages to USPS for final delivery, confusing customers. Flat rates are unavailable for some areas and generally start at $10.99 (based on order amount and location).

$0 - $99.99 = $10.99 - $14.99
$100.00 - $249.99 = $12.99 - $14.99
$250.00 - $349.99 = $21.95 - $24.99
$350.00 - $499.99 = $29.99
$500.00 - $999.99 = $39.99
$1000+ = $59.99 - $69.99

* These ranges may vary, and they are based on a number of factors. Orders to some states may cost an additional $1 to $5 more. Outer lying areas and international locations may or may not qualify. Flat rates change based on location and weight.

Packages under one pound may be offered a low USPS First Class Package or flat rate option (usually $7.99 or $8.99). This service may not yet be offered to all states while we experiment with it. 

USPS Priority Mail

While selecting a shipping method, we may present a USPS Priority Mail option. The fantastic opportunity will read either "Priority Mail 2-Day" or "Priority Mail 3-Day" but usually not both. For lighter weight packages, USPS Priority Mail is often the least expensive method for expedited delivery and can sometimes be cheaper than even the flat rates. Priority Mail is the most superior shipping method for light packages since it is inexpensive and fast.

The main problem with this service is that USPS's transit periods are not guaranteed. USPS Priority 2-Day is not comparable to services like UPS 2-Day Air since the transit time is about 30% less reliable (at the time of this writing). Despite reading "USPS Priority 2-Day," that package may not reach you in two days. Some customers have better experiences than others. USPS Priority Mail is usually not cost-effective or ideal for heavy packages over ten pounds or stringent deadlines.

USPS First Class Package

First-class is by far the cheapest shipping rate available for packages under one pound. If your cart's total weight equals less than 16 ounces, this shipping option will become available. According to, the USPS First-Class Package Service offers fast nationwide delivery to any U.S address within three days. Again, USPS does not guarantee transit times. For now, we are still experimenting with this service and are only offering it to the forty-eight contiguous states. 

UPS Ground

The slowest and most basic UPS service aside from UPS SurePost (which we do not use) and UPS Economy, UPS Ground is an excellent choice for heavy packages. Once you hit fifteen pounds, this option will become far more economical than a USPS Priority Mail option. We recommend looking through this map that shows how many days UPS Ground would take to reach you from our facility. Many customers choose a flat rate over UPS Ground for the savings.

UPS 3-Day Select

For a reasonable price, you can purchase a coast-to-coast shipping transit time of three days rather than the standard five or six days offered through UPS Ground. If you are located in central or eastern USA, this service will not be beneficial since UPS Ground will likely make it to you within the same time period. Again, we urge you to look at our UPS Ground map.

UPS 2-Day Air

If your items ship on Tuesday, there is a 99% chance your package will arrive on Thursday no matter where you live or work in the United States. UPS 2-Day Air is a premium expedited service by UPS, but we recommend checking our UPS Ground map to ensure you're not wasting money. Many states are only two days away from us via UPS Ground. Many of our customers opt to use USPS Priority 2-Day over this service since it is usually much cheaper. However, it is essential to understand that UPS generally guarantees their transit times. Even during the pandemic, UPS transit days are more accurate than USPS.

UPS Next Day Air

This is the only service we provide that offers next day delivery. We actually select "UPS Next Day Air Saver" since most customers do not need the delivery by a certain time of the day. If you require an early delivery time, please contact our customer service. Early morning delivery options and prices vary depending on the area. 

FedEx Ground

Some outsourced orders such as wrapped canvas, 3x3 cards, outdoor banners, and business cards may ship by FedEx Ground or UPS Ground. This applies even if you select USPS Priority or UPS Ground. This is a very rare occurrence since we work with USPS and UPS for almost everything.

Final Analysis

For lightweight packages, USPS is the cheapest method of shipping. However, the service has a significant disadvantage: USPS is late with deliveries more than any carrier. They do not guarantee any transit times no matter what service you select.

UPS is the king of heavier packages, yet expensive for smaller, lightweight containers. Despite longer transit times for UPS Ground, the service is pretty consistent. Expedited services such as "UPS Next Day Air" are rarely ever late.

Flat rates are great ways to save on shipping. We pick one of these inexpensive delivery methods: USPS First Class, USPS Priority, or UPS Ground.

Read These Notes

We offer different UPS and USPS solutions for Canadian and other international orders. 

Flat rates are not available in all areas including Canada, Ireland, UK, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska. For lower costs, alternative shipping methods are available for these areas.

Recipients of deliveries outside the domestic U.S. states may be responsible for import charges of customs fees.

Flat rates may not be available for custom orders and/or large orders which cannot be processed through our website due to weight restriction.

If your shipment requires more than one large box or an extra tube, we may contact you about additional shipping. This is mostly a concern when expedited shipping services like UPS Next Day and UPS 2-Day are selected.

Important Message About Shipments Requiring Multiple Boxes

We work very hard to keep shipping prices low. If the shipping seems high, this is probably because your items must ship using more than one package. For instance, large posters ship in tubes, and small prints ship in flat boxes. If your order contains large posters and another print type, we are charging based on two packages.

Shipping for bulk orders may not be accurate. Orders that reach thousands of dollars are heavier and require more packages than what our online shipping calculator can handle. We will inform you before printing if extra shipping fees are required.



3 Reasons Why You Should Dropship Your Art Prints

Thousands of entrepreneurial artists outsource some or all of their print needs. Doing so allows for more time concentrating on creating new masterpieces and not the print process. Running a business can be challenging, and removing part of the process can help increase your overall success as a store owner. Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Dropship Your Art Prints.

1. Keep a small inventory - or none at all

Some artists prefer to keep a small inventory of art prints on hand while drop shipping less popular prints through us. The primary advantage of this method is increasing profitability. Artists selling on Etsy and other online marketplaces tend to prefer less inventory. 

Many artists choose to drop ship all prints. Although less profitable, a new order only requires about five minutes spent on our website. These artists often prefer a hands-off approach or make money through other products such as digital downloads, apparel, or promotional goods. Avoiding the responsibility of maintaining inventory lowers the stress behind running a business.

Small space

2. Rely on The Printkeg Promise

The Printkeg Promise offers some guarantees that can make your life much easier when selling art prints. We replace damaged prints, lost packages, and misprints at no cost to you. The time and cost associated with troubleshooting  and sending replacements can be frustrating when doing everything yourself.

You can pretty much guarantee your prints at no extra cost to you. That is a pretty powerful and convenient reason to outsource your print sales.

  • We replace damaged prints
  • We reprint lost shipments
  • We troubleshoot color issues
  • We schedule orders and projects

partnership handshake covid19 style

3. Don't worry about shipping

Shipping can be quite the pain point for many artists, and we understand that. By outsourcing your prints, you avoid the hassle of storing envelopes and boxes, searching for the best transit rates, and the time associated with visiting a local UPS hub or USPS office. 

Shipping and delivery



How COVID-19 Virus Affects Us

Like most areas, the COVID-19 virus has affected how we live and work. Our company is taking precautionary steps to minimize the impact of the virus within our community.

Updated 02/22

Throughout the pandemic, we remained fully operational by changing our style of internal processes. These adjustments continue helping us serve customers efficiently and safely. 

  • Customer service and art representatives are working remotely from home. We believe this change has improved our workflow and employee happiness. We plan to keep this policy going for the foreseeable future.
  • Our production team is very small, so they remain working at the facility under a sanitized environment. Team members are still practicing safe distancing.
  • Our production facility is no longer open to the public, and 100% of our orders originate offsite from our website. Local customers can pick up orders from our front office in a "no contact" space.
  • Thankfully, most production employees working at our facility are fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated workers are social distancing responsibly.

So far, the localized shipping carriers, UPS and USPS, are still running fairly normal and without interruption.

Thanks for your understanding, and we appreciate your orders as a small business. If anything changes, we will update this post.

Update regarding USPS

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, packages traveling via USPS Priority Mail and USPS First-Class Package Service may take an extra day to be delivered.

USPS continues to run a little slower than usual due to the political landscape. We witnessed this new reality for quite some time, hoping for improvement. Thankfully, it does seem more packages from USPS are punctual as promised. It is important to remember that USPS does not guarantee their transit times. They never did even before the pandemic. Holidays always impact delivery times.

Update regarding UPS

UPS is not guaranteeing transit times until further notice. If shipping takes longer than expected, the company will not issue a claim. Thankfully, the company now seems to be delivering packages on time for almost all services. Holidays and poor weather always impact delivery times.

Please review the many shipping options we offer.

Hurricane Dorian Updates

Hurricane Dorian is expected to affect the Beaufort, South Carolina, area where our main facility is located. Beaufort County is under mandatory evacuation. 

We will continue to update this page to keep you informed of our situation. We ask that you be patient with us. We will ship as many shipments as possible once we reopen.


Today, the weather is nice and utilities are operating normally for the most part. However, our local USPS and UPS centers are not open due to the mandatory evacuation and will remain closed until further notice. We will be checking with them daily. Once they reopen, we will follow.  Our area is expecting 4-6 foot storm surge and 6-8 inches of rain starting Wednesday or Thursday. This is better than yesterday's news, but the flooding and winds may still affect the area for a couple days.


The storm is expected to affect our area today and tomorrow. We hope to be back up and running on Friday. Admittedly, that is optimistic. Our staff intends to work Saturday and through the weekend if necessary and possible. 


At the moment (9:30am), it appears our area was spared compared to past hurricanes the last few years. Despite this good news, the evacuation order has not yet been lifted as Beaufort County monitors downed trees, power outages, and infrastructure damages. Wind and rain will persist throughout the rest of the day and end by early evening. We plan to be back at the office on Friday (9/6) and Saturday printing as much as possible. You should begin to see order updates and email responses on Friday. We think we will be completely back on schedule by the beginning of next week. Please be patient with us. 

9/6 & 9/8

On Monday (9/8), we will be about 90% caught up with orders. By Tuesday, we should be completely back on schedule. Thanks for your patience. 

Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays everyone! We wish you a wonderful and safe holiday season.  Please review our holiday schedule for open operations:

Thanksgiving 2022

We will be closed for a long Thanksgiving holiday starting on Thursday, November 24th. We reopen on Monday, November 28th.

Christmas 2022

For Christmas, our staff will enjoy a much needed 4-day weekend. Printkeg is closed Friday, December 23rd and will return to work Tuesday, December 27th. 

Please note: UPS and USPS are closed different days and experience various delays this month due to the Christmas rush that we have no control over. Additionally, wildfires in on the west coast and severe winter weather may cause further delays for those affected areas.

New Years 

For New Years, we will be closed Thursday and Friday, December 29th and 30th, in observation of New Year's Day. Emails, phone calls, and projects will resume Monday, January 2nd, 2023.

Other Holidays

Our production department takes off most days and holidays USPS is not running. Customer service is limited during these times.

We thank all of you for your continued support!

- The Printkeg Team

Hurricane Florence May Delay Shipments

The Printkeg family resides in Beaufort, a small coastal city in South Carolina that will be affected by Hurricane Florence. Each day, we will update this page since we expect to have varying up times and down times based on weather and local governmental policies. 

Please continue to check this page for further updates.

Monday 9/17

Printkeg is 100% operational. USPS and UPS are delivering. Our area was fortunate and was barely affected by the storm. We are thinking and praying for our Carolina neighbors.

Thursday 9/13

Today, we are 100% up and running. UPS and USPS are also picking up packages. Tomorrow is unclear.

Wednesday 9/12

11:50 am - We are operating at 100%. UPS and USPS have confirmed they are running in our area. Hurricane Florence can still affect orders after leaving our facility. UPS packages will probably see more delays than USPS since their major hub is located in Columbia.

9:30 am - Our local USPS is currently running so many orders will be printed and shipped today. It is still unclear how UPS plans to handle the day. At this time, our facility is 100% operational.

Tuesday 9/11

9:35 pm - Despite the current weather being unaffected by Hurricane Florence, distressed circumstances are expected over the weekend as the storm moves unpredictably. It is unclear when UPS and USPS plan to begin operating in our area again. We intend to check with representatives around 9 am Wednesday morning. 

11:45 am - Mandatory evacuation was lifted for our area. We are currently seeking information about USPS and UPS to see when they plan to restart routes.

8:50 am - UPS will not be picking up packages today. All customers with open orders will be notified if their turnaround will be affected.

7:55 am - Mandatory evacuation begins at noon today. As of this morning, we know that our local USPS is closed. USPS packages cannot ship today which means we probably will not print those orders until the carrier is running again. We have not yet been able to confirm if UPS is running. 

Quick note

Visit this page to learn about updates on order turnaround and our operating schedule. Customer service will be limited and often unavailable, but we will do our best to get back up and running as quickly as possible. We are committed to fulfilling orders in a timely manner.

Hurricane Florence

Save More When Printing Multiple Files



Start Saving Today

Printkeg offers artists extra savings when printing multiple files for many sizes of prints and posters. These deep discounts are available for print sizes ranging 8" x 8" up to 36" x 56". People ordering popular sizes such as 8" x 10" and 11" x 17" will save more than ever with this program.



Prints 13x19 and under


12x12 print


Our main goal is to rule the land when printing 11x17 artwork, and we think we're on to something here.

Printkeg first started this cost-efficient program for 11x14, 11x17, 12x18 and 13x19 printing which allows customers to print multiple files while still taking advantage of bulk discounts. We expanded to more sizes such as 8x8 and 12x12.

How Does This Work?

It is easy! If you want to print 250 of 4 files, you can simply select the quantity of 1000. Here is another example; You can pick the quantity of 100 and print 20 of 5 different files.

The maximum amount of multiple art files you can submit is 5 per quantity. Sending us files through our upload feature is easy since it can handle more than one file. You can also utilize email or a service like Dropbox to send us your files.

For now, the below print sizes qualify:

  • 8x8 Square Prints
  • 8x10 Art Prints
  • 8x12 Prints
  • 8.5x11 Art Prints
  • 10x10 Square Prints
  • 11x11 Square Prints
  • 11x14 Art Prints
  • 11x17 Flyers
  • 11x17 Small Posters
  • 12x12 Square Prints
  • 12x18 Small Posters
  • 13x19 Small Posters

Start Saving More When Printing Multiple Files




Large Prints (usually 16x20 and over)


Large Poster


For all large prints, every art file can be different. If you order 10 18x24 posters, all ten prints can be from unique files. If you choose to print multiple files, please email the files to after completing your order.



A Few Rules to Remember

  • You must use the same paper type for all prints.
  • Custom cuts are an exception to this offer (unless all cuts are the same).
  • Shipping cannot be split up in any way.
  • This program does not apply to other products or sizes.
  • Adding multiple files may increase turnaround time. Turnaround time will increase sharply for larger orders (usually consisting of 20 or more unique files). 
  • If artwork requires individual adjustments, turnaround time will increase.
  • One $5 proof fee only covers one file, not all files.
  • Our system does not keep your filenames. We may email you with questions if you ask for different quantities.
  • Multiple prints cannot be double-sided unless they are the same back.

Start Saving More When Printing Multiple Files




Special Note Concerning Turnaround

Keep in mind - Printing multiple files may affect turnaround times unpredictably. If you have a deadline, please be sure to add that date into the instructions area of your order. 



Delays due to Weather

Winter Storm Grayson 1/3/18

On January 3rd, Beaufort, South Carolina received an unprecedented six inches of snow from Winter Storm Grayson. The last time we have seen snow like this was 1989. Only a few times in between has our area seen light snow that melted away within hours. The temperatures are expected to lower the next couple days.

The icy roads and snow do cause businesses to shut down, schools to close, bridges to close and creates an environment where people are not conditioned to drive. UPS and USPS were not running on January 3rd, and we are not clear when they will reopen. We asked our staff not to come to work January 3rd.

Right now, the plan is to be back up and running January 4th, but that will probably be a limited capacity. As we know more, we will continue to keep this page updated. 

Thanks for your patience. We understand your prints are important, and we will do the absolute best that we can to get orders shipping again. 

Update - January 4th

It is unlikely anything will print or ship today (January 4th). Most local businesses closed today and the carriers are not running in the area since the roads are icy. Our local government has asked residents to stay off the streets.

Update - January 5th

We are back to work at limited capacity. We are printing smaller projects and delayed orders first. We do not know yet it UPS or USPS will pick up today, but we are planning to drop packages off to our local hubs.

Update - January 8th

Our staff is working full time and all production machines are running. It might take a couple days for us and the carriers to get back on schedule.




Hurricane Matthew 10/16/16

Hurricane Matthew

UPDATE 10/16  -------------

We are running at normal capacity again. A few orders may still be affected, but overall everything should be back to normal on Monday as described on the last update. We have been completing orders over the weekend in order to get back on track. Again, thanks for your patience through this. 

END UPDATE ---------

UPDATE 10/13 -------------

All services should be 100% up and running by Monday. Our electric provider has been working on our building most of the day today and has indicated services will be fully restored by the weekend. Most delayed orders should ship by Monday, October 17th. We appreciate your patience.

Turnaround for large posters, banners, stickers and postcards are back on track. 

Due to high call and email volumes, we have not been able to respond to every phone call, but we are doing the best we can. Everything should return to normal operations by the beginning of next week. 

END UPDATE ---------

UPDATE 10/12 -------------

We are back open at a limited capacity, 

Large posters, banners, canvas and stickers are now shipping and printing on schedule.

Orders 2500 and over are printing and shipping on time.

Smaller orders of flyers and postcards are still running behind, but we are trying to catch up. Expect further delays.

END UPDATE ---------

We are currently closed until Tuesday, October 11th. Our hometown, Beaufort, South Carolina, is currently under mandatory evacuation due to Hurricane Matthew. Shipments of prints should recommence Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Matthew hit our area as a category 2 hurricane and caused widespread power outages and flooding. 

All orders that would typically ship October 5th through the 10th will not ship until at least the 12th. UPS and USPS facilities in our area are closed. It is likely that orders made over the weekend will ship earlier than Wednesday. As of the 13th, we will be completely caught up on all large posters orders.

We will do our absolute best to ship everything out this week, but that may not be possible due to workload. We will email customers with new ship dates if anything changes.

Emails and phone calls will not be answered until Wednesday October 12th. Feel free to leave messages, and our customer service team will do their best to address all issues in a timely manner. We are running behind on emails, but please feel free to call for emergencies. 843-379-1198.

Thanks for your understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

- Printkeg Staff

Making Sense of Our Design Services

On each product page Printkeg offers a variety of tiered design services covering common situations.

- Just Make My Graphic Work ($9)
- Edit My Design ($29)
- Create My Design (price varies)

First, there is a degree of design we offer for free. Usually, this can include adding bleed area, converting color mode to CMYK, and enlargening to fit. But this is limited to automated processes (or actions in Adobe software) we have created. If you art requires manual adjustmen by a designer, we will request authorized payment for extra fees.

Just Make My Graphic Work - This service is available when files need adjusting for proper printing that could not be accomplished through our automated fixes. We usually charge $9 per file and will sometime cap this at $29 when multiple files are concerned. Typical applications of this service include adding margins, resizing and adding bleed area in trickier settings.

Edit My Design - If you have a file that requires updates or small changes, we charge $29. This usually covers text edits, swapping out images, date changes and other modifcations that do not require us to actually recreate an image or start from scratch. 

Create My Design - Prices are based on what product we are designing. This fee covers us creating a brand new design from scratch based on information gathered from you. Custom design usually comes with three drafts or proofs, phone interaction if necessary, and conceptual thinking. This fee does not cover logo design. 

We have tried to keep the design process as simple and afforbable as possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.




Printing Custom Holiday Cards

It might seem a little soon to start thinking about printing custom holiday cards, but December always seems to creep up on us. Design and purchase your custom holiday cards early this year to avoid unnecessary stress. We can help you create a lasting impression with customers, friends, family and co-workers by printing your intimate and beautiful holiday cards.

Custom Holiday Card Printing


In our invitations section, we've formed an incredible selection for creating and printing fantastic holiday cards.


What is the perfect holiday card size?

We've got some preset sizes for designers looking to make a very special and unique card - 3.5x5, 4.25x5 and 5x7. If your design has different dimensions, that's okay too. Printkeg welcomes custom sizes for even the most freakish and uncommon card dimensions.

The most common size for holiday cards is easily 5x7 (folded or flat). They're big and bold yet elegant and personal. And, they're the perfect size for photos and personal messages.

The right card choices are essential.

For holiday cards, our print experts carefully selected high-end card stocks that are slightly heavier than postcards and only available in our invitations collection.

Printkeg offers this long-lasting paper stock more suitable for invitations, holiday cards, greeting cards, photo cards and so much more. Flat and folded cards may utilize different paper weights, but both types include distinct glossy and matte selections. Another distinguishing card stock we are proud to carry for flat cards includes a fabric texture (Textured Card - 100# Cover) that emulates a watercolor paper feel.

We've added more colorful envelopes

We've hand-selected specific colors for envelopes to complement the holiday season: White, Natural, Gamma Green, Dark Red and Astro-Bright Blue. All of these options are available for finished 5x7 cards since they are the ideal holiday card size. White and natural envelopes are offered for 3.5x5 and 4.25x5.5 cards.

We also provide custom quotes for other colors and sizes (minimum of 1000 envelopes). Just contact us and let us know what you're thinking.

Properly setting up holiday card artwork is easy

To set up your special holiday card artwork correctly, download one of our PDF templates. Each side of your 5x7 layout should be sized 5.25x7.25 to accommodate bleed and trim areas for an edge-to-edge print.

Download the 5x7 holiday card template

There are many design options for making custom holiday cards

Printkeg primarily focuses on printing artwork for designers and artists, but that doesn't mean we can't help everyone. Our in-house graphic designers are here to help you create an incredible and personalized holiday card for only $59. If you already have a design and just need assistance with minor changes, we can help for only $29.

There are also amazing places where you can download easy-to-edit holiday card templates. 

Graphic River Holiday Cards - For as little as $4, people familiar with Photoshop can purchase an amazing holiday card template and start printing in no time.

LayoutReady Holiday Cards - For those more comfortable with using Microsoft Word and Publisher, these holiday card templates for only $19 to $29 will be perfect. If you print with us, please be sure to export your finished design as a PDF.

Etsy Holiday Cards - Many artists at Etsy are selling holiday card printables which are digital files that can be printed from home or with a commercial card printer.

Need a little inspiration?

If you have not quite figured out what your custom holiday card will look like, here are some places to get inspired.

Holiday design ideas at Pinterest - Many of us at the shop often turn to Pinterest when facing writers block or "designers" block. 

Holiday card ideas at BuzzFeed - Peggy Wang over at Buzzfeed shows off 49 creative and crafty holiday card ideas from all over the web. 

Funny Holiday Cards - On our blog, we discovered some very funny holiday cards by artists on Etsy.


Holiday Card Prices

The below prices are for flat 5x7 cards with envelopes.

10 - $12.99
25 - $19.99
50 - $27.99
100 - $45.99

These prices are for folded 5x7 cards with envelopes.

10 - $16.99
25 - $23.99
50 - $32.59
100 - $52.99

More quantities and options are available on each product page. Prices do not reflect sales or discounts.