Embrace AI to Fix Low Resolution

We will only use AI to improve the low DPI with your permission.


Our team is always searching for ways to help our customers - a large base of artists. One huge obstacle many artists and designers face is LOW resolution. Files under 300dpi do not print well and may appear blurry despite those images looking great on a monitor. Some graphic programs, such as Procreate, start artists off in a low 132dpi resolution workspace by default.  Many artists work long hours making amazing artwork that is unprintable. Thankfully, AI (artificial intelligence) offers a way to overcome this issue.

Low and high resolution

We know artists are skeptical of AI - and rightfully so. AI "art" is inherently derivative, scraping the work of human artists for training data - but the question of how much influence constitutes copyright violation and how to appropriately compensate creators is still up for debate. Our company stands with artists on this issue. However, we want to offer our customers an option to fix low resolution. This option is available on each product page under the "services" form. We will only use AI to improve the low DPI with your permission.

We use a program called "GigaPixel AI" or "Topaz Photo AI 2" by Topaz Labs. This software is available to anyone. Topaz Labs does not gain any privilege to your materials or artwork. Their user agreement and guidelines are available for your review from the Topaz Labs home page (via links at the bottom footer), and we recommend reading those policies yourself before allowing us to run your files through this software.

Topaz Labs

Other graphic programs such as "Adobe Photoshop" and "Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Super" also offer AI-driven tools to adjust artwork. We are exploring those options carefully. If any AI tools become a part of our strategy, we will ask for your permission beforehand.

If your artwork is low resolution, we will email you a list of options. We do not print low resolution artwork since it will likely print blurry. One option is utilizing AI. At that time, you will be able to provide permission and pay any related fees.

AI is not perfect. One issue we have seen is with color accuracy. If the AI adjustment has issues, we will contact you.



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