3 Reasons Why You Should Dropship Your Art Prints

Thousands of entrepreneurial artists outsource some or all of their print needs. Doing so allows for more time concentrating on creating new masterpieces and not the print process. Running a business can be challenging, and removing part of the process can help increase your overall success as a store owner. Here are 3 Reasons Why You Should Dropship Your Art Prints.

1. Keep a small inventory - or none at all

Some artists prefer to keep a small inventory of art prints on hand while drop shipping less popular prints through us. The primary advantage of this method is increasing profitability. Artists selling on Etsy and other online marketplaces tend to prefer less inventory. 

Many artists choose to drop ship all prints. Although less profitable, a new order only requires about five minutes spent on our website. These artists often prefer a hands-off approach or make money through other products such as digital downloads, apparel, or promotional goods. Avoiding the responsibility of maintaining inventory lowers the stress behind running a business.

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2. Rely on The Printkeg Promise

The Printkeg Promise offers some guarantees that can make your life much easier when selling art prints. We replace damaged prints, lost packages, and misprints at no cost to you. The time and cost associated with troubleshooting  and sending replacements can be frustrating when doing everything yourself.

You can pretty much guarantee your prints at no extra cost to you. That is a pretty powerful and convenient reason to outsource your print sales.

  • We replace damaged prints
  • We reprint lost shipments
  • We troubleshoot color issues
  • We schedule orders and projects

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3. Don't worry about shipping

Shipping can be quite the pain point for many artists, and we understand that. By outsourcing your prints, you avoid the hassle of storing envelopes and boxes, searching for the best transit rates, and the time associated with visiting a local UPS hub or USPS office. 

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