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Strong Media Suited For 2x7 Event Tickets (with Numbering)

2x7 Event Tickets (with Numbering) Gloss Card Visual

16pt Gloss Card

This polished card material feels more durable than a 14pt and 100# cover stock. The additional rigidity limits unwanted folds and creases. Additionally, colors appear extra rich and lustrous due to the beautiful UV coating.

2x7 Event Tickets (with Numbering)

$ 49.99

Printing 2x7 Event Tickets (with Numbering)

Learn More About Printing 2x7 Event Tickets (with Numbering)

2x7 event tickets are a little different than our other bookmarks/tickets. First and foremost, they can be individually numbered using variable data. Second, designs print on a durable 16pt card stock with UV coating.

2x7 Ticket Features

  • Variable Date (numbering)
  • We inspect all artwork before printing for quality control
  • 16pt Cardstock
  • UV Coated
  • Everything is printed full bleed and full color

Need More Options?

Perforation is also available. The dotted line on the template files indicated where that perforation takes place.

Turnaround Options

  • 5 - 7 Days
  • 2 - 4 Days with Rush Turnaround

If you need a rush, please add rush turnaround ($25) to your order. Unfortunately, we cannot provide these tickets faster than 2 to 4 days plus shipping.

Digital Proofs for Tickets

Digital proofs in PDF format will be provided to ensure the tickets appear as intended.

Consider These Art Guidelines For 2x7 Event Ticket Printing.

If these following guidelines and specifications sound like mumble rap to you, don't let them discourage you from ordering event tickets. Our crew reviews art closely to make sure your order prints as intended. If we can't adjust small artwork obstacles quickly, we will contact you before production begins.

  • Set your art file with 2.127" x 7.127" dimensions. Keep critical content at least 0.25 inches away from all four edges. If you open the below templates, you can review trim lines, safety area, and perforation location.
  • While starting a new design, double-check that you are working in a 300dpi environment. Many programs default at 72dpi (Photoshop) and 132dpi (Procreate). Adjust the quality setting to 300dpi or higher. The pixel count should be around 638 x 2138.
  • We prefer PDF and JPG formats. However, we welcome other files types such as PNG and TIF.
  • Try operating in CMYK color mode. For custom 2x7 event tickets, we convert all artwork to CMYK before printing starts. Converting RGB to CMYK can lead to softened colors and random color shifts. Working in CMYK color mode allows you to see a closer representation of your final prints. If you cannot work in CMYK, please consider ordering a PDF proof.

Event Ticket Templates

The template for 2x7 event tickets is different than our bookmarks. One meaningful addition includes the available areas for numbering. In the "Messages / Deadlines" area, you should indicate which area your numbers should be located in. If your tickets will be double-sided, be sure to download both templates.

Download 2x7 template (front) 

Download 2x7 template (back)

About Numbering

The default font for the Variable Numbering portion is 14pt Calibri, black ink only. Black ink for the numbering should be taken into consideration when designing your artwork file. If your background images are dark, you may need to KO (knock out) the background image in the numbering areas, so that the numbers are visible.

Choose from the nine numbered areas shown in the example below. You may choose as few or as many fields as you like. Indicate which areas you would like to utilize by naming the Column Headers on your CSV Data File with the corresponding Area Name.

(Click the below image for larger view.)

Numbering guide

Your data file format should be in CSV (comma delimited) format only. The below image demonstrates how to set up an excel file. Once you are done, be sure to export (save) the file as a CSV file.

Formatting Excel for Variable Data

Preserving 0's (example: 00001)

In order to preserve leading zeroes on your Variable Number CSV file (e.g. 001, 0001) please Format the Cells as Text before creating your numbered list.

To include leading zeros: Right-click (or control-click) on the first few cells, then Choose Format Cells > Text or Plain Text. Once your cells are formatted, proceed with creating your numbered list. You should be able to see your numbering correctly before saving your document.

Note: If you close and reopen your document or look at a preview of the document, it will appear that the CSV has reverted and your leading zeroes were deleted. However, be assured that this is not the case. As long as you were able to see the leading zeros at the time you saved the document, your CSV has the leading zeros. It is safe to upload your CSV and your leading zeroes will be preserved.




Why Should You Print With Us?


✓ Guaranteed Happiness

We want you to be happy with your 2x7 Event Tickets (with Numbering), so we created the Printkeg Promise. This is our guarantee and commitment to serving artists across the nation. It doesn't help anyone if you purchase retail art you can't actually sell. We are here to ensure your success.

✓ Dedicated to Artists

In our "About Us" area, you can view incredible photographs of the most recent and 2x7 Event Tickets (with Numbering) projects we've worked on. We geared our entire atmosphere, including the workforce and production facility, to serve retail artists first and foremost.

✓ Fast Production Times

We contribute some of the fastest turnaround times for 2x7 Event Tickets (with Numbering) in the industry. You'll be impressed with how we handle which includes fast production times, rush turnaround options, and expedited shipping.