Hurricane Dorian Updates

Hurricane Dorian is expected to affect the Beaufort, South Carolina, area where our main facility is located. Beaufort County is under mandatory evacuation. 

We will continue to update this page to keep you informed of our situation. We ask that you be patient with us. We will ship as many shipments as possible once we reopen.


Today, the weather is nice and utilities are operating normally for the most part. However, our local USPS and UPS centers are not open due to the mandatory evacuation and will remain closed until further notice. We will be checking with them daily. Once they reopen, we will follow.  Our area is expecting 4-6 foot storm surge and 6-8 inches of rain starting Wednesday or Thursday. This is better than yesterday's news, but the flooding and winds may still affect the area for a couple days.


The storm is expected to affect our area today and tomorrow. We hope to be back up and running on Friday. Admittedly, that is optimistic. Our staff intends to work Saturday and through the weekend if necessary and possible. 


At the moment (9:30am), it appears our area was spared compared to past hurricanes the last few years. Despite this good news, the evacuation order has not yet been lifted as Beaufort County monitors downed trees, power outages, and infrastructure damages. Wind and rain will persist throughout the rest of the day and end by early evening. We plan to be back at the office on Friday (9/6) and Saturday printing as much as possible. You should begin to see order updates and email responses on Friday. We think we will be completely back on schedule by the beginning of next week. Please be patient with us. 

9/6 & 9/8

On Monday (9/8), we will be about 90% caught up with orders. By Tuesday, we should be completely back on schedule. Thanks for your patience. 

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