Hurricane Florence May Delay Shipments

The Printkeg family resides in Beaufort, a small coastal city in South Carolina that will be affected by Hurricane Florence. Each day, we will update this page since we expect to have varying up times and down times based on weather and local governmental policies. 

Please continue to check this page for further updates.

Monday 9/17

Printkeg is 100% operational. USPS and UPS are delivering. Our area was fortunate and was barely affected by the storm. We are thinking and praying for our Carolina neighbors.

Thursday 9/13

Today, we are 100% up and running. UPS and USPS are also picking up packages. Tomorrow is unclear.

Wednesday 9/12

11:50 am - We are operating at 100%. UPS and USPS have confirmed they are running in our area. Hurricane Florence can still affect orders after leaving our facility. UPS packages will probably see more delays than USPS since their major hub is located in Columbia.

9:30 am - Our local USPS is currently running so many orders will be printed and shipped today. It is still unclear how UPS plans to handle the day. At this time, our facility is 100% operational.

Tuesday 9/11

9:35 pm - Despite the current weather being unaffected by Hurricane Florence, distressed circumstances are expected over the weekend as the storm moves unpredictably. It is unclear when UPS and USPS plan to begin operating in our area again. We intend to check with representatives around 9 am Wednesday morning. 

11:45 am - Mandatory evacuation was lifted for our area. We are currently seeking information about USPS and UPS to see when they plan to restart routes.

8:50 am - UPS will not be picking up packages today. All customers with open orders will be notified if their turnaround will be affected.

7:55 am - Mandatory evacuation begins at noon today. As of this morning, we know that our local USPS is closed. USPS packages cannot ship today which means we probably will not print those orders until the carrier is running again. We have not yet been able to confirm if UPS is running. 

Quick note

Visit this page to learn about updates on order turnaround and our operating schedule. Customer service will be limited and often unavailable, but we will do our best to get back up and running as quickly as possible. We are committed to fulfilling orders in a timely manner.

Hurricane Florence

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