Textured Media Now Available

For years, I've asked myself "What can I add for artists?" which is a more complex question than it initially seems. I've thought about maybe adding frames, mattes, art supplies, UV coating, laminating mounting and much more to our list of print services. Unfortunately, I always run into obstacles that end up inevitably changing my mind. It is worth mentioning that I absolutely don't want Printkeg to be like every other online printing service out there. We see a ton of incredible art flowing through our doors each day so our entire team really wanted to provide something just for artisans that couldn't be found at places like Uprinting, Vistaprint or other generic print companies. Finally, I found a beautiful solution - Textured Card (100# Cover) stock.

Some examples of prints on our textured card stock

Although it might be difficult to fully appreciate in the above photo, Textured Card stock is a rigid media that seriously enhances artwork to feel more authentic. This paper feels like a combination of linen, watercolor paper and felt rolled into one stunning medium. We envision artists and graphic designers selecting this gorgeous card stock for reselling quality prints or presenting in gallery settings. Digital artwork, reproductions, photographs, drawings and paintings appear more personal and original when printed on this exciting new media. 

Textured Card was intially featured in our new fine arts printing section as the premium paper option and is now being expanded as an option for postcards, invitations, notecards and small posters. These particular products feature sizes favored by thousands of our artisan customers. For those searching for a giclee solution, we also provide canvas and watercolor prints (other textured options) in varying sizes mostly in larger format. Textured Card (100# Cover) is intended for prints smaller than 13x19 and allows artists to capture a genuine and fabric-like impression that greatly enhances digital artwork and reproductions inexpensively.

The below image demonstrates the difference between Textured Card (100# Cover) and our smooth Matte Card (100# Cover).

A closeup view of textured versus a smooth matte

When in your hand, the feel and look of the Textured Card is exquisite. The felt material exudes the aura of originality and quality. 

Adding Textured Card gives our customers three distinct paper selections. Although, we do supply numerous weights for different products (80# text, 110# cover etc.), we have basically always offered glossy and matte options (like most commercial printers). Now, we're changing the game for artists seeking a finer print product without paying hefty prices. 

For a limited time, we will be adding textured samples to some orders to give customers an opportunity to actually hold this incredible paper. If you would like some samples or have questions, please email chris@printkeg.com. If you are interested in samples, go ahead and provide a shipping address.



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