Making Sense of Our Design Services

On each product page Printkeg offers a variety of tiered design services covering common situations.

- Just Make My Graphic Work ($9)
- Edit My Design ($29)
- Create My Design (price varies)

First, there is a degree of design we offer for free. Usually, this can include adding bleed area, converting color mode to CMYK, and enlargening to fit. But this is limited to automated processes (or actions in Adobe software) we have created. If you art requires manual adjustmen by a designer, we will request authorized payment for extra fees.

Just Make My Graphic Work - This service is available when files need adjusting for proper printing that could not be accomplished through our automated fixes. We usually charge $9 per file and will sometime cap this at $29 when multiple files are concerned. Typical applications of this service include adding margins, resizing and adding bleed area in trickier settings.

Edit My Design - If you have a file that requires updates or small changes, we charge $29. This usually covers text edits, swapping out images, date changes and other modifcations that do not require us to actually recreate an image or start from scratch. 

Create My Design - Prices are based on what product we are designing. This fee covers us creating a brand new design from scratch based on information gathered from you. Custom design usually comes with three drafts or proofs, phone interaction if necessary, and conceptual thinking. This fee does not cover logo design. 

We have tried to keep the design process as simple and afforbable as possible. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.




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