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Custom Greeting Cards (Bulk)

Custom Greeting Cards (Bulk)

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Custom greeting cards are shiny and UV coated on the front and backside, yet uncoated on the interior specifically for writing purposes. Our production crew individually scores them for folding perfection. Partnering each card with an opaque 70# premium white uncoated envelope is optional. We've seen greeting cards utilized for almost every occasion imaginable, including holiday cards, thanksgiving cards, art cards, thank you cards, birthday cards, and much more.

The actual print area for greeting cards is 10" x 7" or 10.25" x 7.25" if accounting for the bleed area.

Features of Custom Greeting Cards

  • A7 white envelopes are optional. 
  • Print on the exterior and interior of your greeting cards.
  • The exterior is UV coated, and the interior is left uncoated for writing.
  • Enjoy a durable and hard-to-find 18pt CS1 card stock.
  • This is the most economical choice for bulk projects.
  • All 5x7 greeting cards are full bleed and full color.
  • We inspect image files for proper art setup.

Ten more colorful envelopes, lower quantities, and more paper options are available in our 5x7 Folded Cards product.

Five Convenient Card Choices

For custom greeting cards, we offer an exclusive stock.

  • CS1 Card (18pt, Glossy Exterior, Uncoated Interior)

The 18pt Card stock is best for instances where you desire the exterior to be shiny and the interior to be uncoated for writing purposes. However, we also offer four beautiful, sustainably sourced card stocks for folded cards and invitations. Two are less expensive for handing out, and two are more durable for high-end circumstances and retail.

  • Gloss Card (80# Cover) - This media is an economical card choice for smaller quantities.
  • Matte Card (70# Cover) - The matte solution is exceptional for elegant cards requiring less shine.
  • Matte Card (100# Cover) - Our favorite choice is a smooth media conducive for writing on and perfect for note cards and art cards.
  • Metallic Pearl (14pt) - Enjoy a novel stock that glistens in light when viewed from different angles.

When Do We Start Printing?

Once your order is received, turnaround time requires 5 to 7 business days for all quantities of custom greeting cards. The turnaround time does not include shipping days. That time decreases to 2 to 3 days for most other folded card projects 250 and under.

Greeting Card Template

This downloadable template offers a better way to visualize the bleed area for each printed side. Your file should be 7.25 x 10.25."

5x7 Folded Card Template

Further Details About Printing 5x7 Folded Cards

Greeting cards are 10" x 7" (or 7" x 10") cards folded in half.  We thoughtfully score each piece, but only hand-fold orders under 100 quantities. We print all greeting cards edge-to-edge (considered full bleed or borderless). We only provide a margin if that area is present in the original artwork.

Single or Double?

  • Single-Sided - Art can be on the front and very back of the card.
  • Double-Sided - This includes printing on the inside of the card as well.

Greeting cards can be single or double-sided since the price is the same.

Digital Proofs Might Be Useful

If you want a digital sample, please indicate this in the "digital proof" options. A digital proof may delay an order by one business day but may prove helpful for proofreading purposes.

A PDF digital proof is usually not required for most artwork. Don't worry; we briefly review and inspect all art files for quality purposes. If we see obvious problems, we will contact you before production to ensure fabulous results!

Folding and Scoring

We score all folded cards and invitations but do not fold them.


A white 70# A7 envelope can accompany greeting cards. If you want colorful envelopes, you need to order from our 5x7 folded cards page.

Ten smooth A7 envelope choices are available with our 5x7 folded cards:  Ivory White, Natural, Dark Red, Gamma Green, Blast-Off Blue, Eclipse Black, Lift-off Lemon, Pulsar Pink, Gravity Grape, and Grocer Kraft. Envelopes may appear slightly darker/lighter in person than you see on the screen. Sometimes we must make variant substitutions. 

Envelope colors for 5x7 Folded Cards

Dark Red, Gamma Green, Blast-Off Blue, Eclipse Black, Lift-off Lemon, Pulsar Pink, and Gravity Grape are only available for 5x7 card sizes (A7).



Will My Artwork Fit 5" x 7" Greeting Card?

Our Staff Will Help Adjust Your Art Into Stunning Greeting Cards.

We can usually fit any rectangular picture to work for greeting cards. Our staff is here to help. The following dimensions play friendly with the 5" x 7" space.

  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 9" x 12"
  • 11" x 14"
  • 12" x 18"

If your image fits another dimension better, our designers will contact you. We extend this advice to avoid uneven borders, undesired clipping, and yucky stretching. Before contacting you, we do our best to make it work.



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  • 18pt CS1 Card

    For greeting cards, you may be searching for an ultra-shiny exterior and uncoated interior. The extra UV coating on the outside adds durability to an already thick 18pt card stock. Yet, the uncoated interior provides a good surface for writing on.

    Learn More 
  • Metallic Pearl Cards

    14pt Metallic Pearl paper sparkles in light when viewed from different angles. We embed the card itself with Pearl fibers that give the medium an overall smooth, metallic, and unique appearance.

    Learn More 
  • 100% Recycled Kraft Cards

    Kraft paper has natural fibers and subtle visible flecks promoting an organic look and feel. The stock is 100% recycled, advancing its rustic, eco-friendly appeal. Additionally, you can white ink for added "pop" to your designs.

    Learn More 
  • Envelopes With Color

    Ten stellar envelope colors are available for select 5" x 7" finishes. You can choose Natural and Kraft envelopes for smaller sizes such as 4.25" x 5.5" and 3.5" x 5".

    Learn More 
  • Budget Friendly Options

    The thinner card options, 70/80# covers, are excellent choices for distributing folded cards to large mailing lists, sending personal thank you cards, and writing to a friend.

    Learn More 
  • Media Intended For Retail

    We recommend the 100/110# or 120#/130# card options if you are selling on Etsy, selling retail, or need to maintain a higher-end brand. The most popular choice belongs to the "Matte Card (100# Cover)" selection.

    View All Cards 
  • Digital Proof

    A Printkeg artist will prepare your greeting card artwork for printing and send you a visual in PDF format via email. This usually takes place within a few business hours. The image we email showcases trim location and CMYK colors.

  • Make Graphic Work

    This $9 option informs our staff to move forward with quick fixes and tackle any possible obstacles. Benefits may include reviewing file dimensions, tackling border issues, and reworking challenging "bleed" areas. There is one goal in mind: to ensure perfect Art Prints.

  • Edit My Design

    This option is inexpensive for hiring us to modify your image file. Our designers edit or place elements into your file, like text, images, etc. The most common use of this service is changing event dates, removing signatures, and swapping photos.

  • Create My Art

    We hire a trusted graphic designer with whom we've worked closely to help you create a new design from scratch. Most communication is via email. Most designs are finished in only a few business days.

  • Rush Turnaround

    Rush Turnaround speeds up your order time by one day. That could mean same-day printing. You need your prints urgently, so we will try to make it happen. We sometimes expedite the shipping if we cannot honor same-day printing.

  • Free Art Inspections

    A human artist reviews every single file before printing starts. If we notice any problems, a Printkeg representative will contact you via email with options how to move forward.

  • Guaranteed Happiness

    Our primary goal is to make sure you are happy with your prints, The Printkeg Promise. This is our guarantee and commitment to serving artists across the nation. It doesn't help anyone if you purchase retail art you can't actually sell. We are here to ensure your success.

  • Dedicated to Artists

    In our "About Us" area, you can view incredible photographs of the most recent Fine Arts Printing projects we've worked on. We geared our entire atmosphere, including the workforce and production facility, to serve retail artists first and foremost.

  • Fast Production Times

    We contribute some of the fastest turnaround times for Art Prints in the Fine Arts Printing industry. You'll be impressed with our fast production times, rush turnaround options, and available expedited shipping methods.