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Paper and Envelopes For 3.5x5 Folded Cards

3.5x5 Folded Cards with Envelope


A white envelope accompanies each folded card at no extra cost. Enjoy ten stellar envelope colors available for 5" x 7" finishes. You can also select Natural and Kraft envelopes for smaller sizes such as 4.25" x 5.5" and 3.5" x 5".

3.5x5 Folded Cards on Matte Card

70/80# Cover

The thinner card options, 70/80# covers, are excellent choices for distributing 3.5x5 Folded Cards to large mailing lists, sending personal thank you cards, and writing to a friend.

Custom 3.5x5 Folded Cards and Greeting Cards

100/110# Cover

We recommend the 100/110# card options if you are selling on Etsy, selling retail card sets, or need to maintain a higher-end service or brand. The most popular choice of 3.5x5 Folded Cards belongs to the "Matte Card (100# Cover)" selection.

3.5x5 Folded Cards

$ 17.99

Printing 3.5x5 Folded Cards

Learn More About Printing 3.5x5 Folded Cards

White or natural envelopes are included

We offer four incredible card stocks for custom folded cards and invitations. Two are less expensive for handing out, and two are more durable specifically for mailing purposes. We individually score each 3.5x5 finished card and partner them with a natural or white vellum envelope. We've seen 3.5x5 folded cards utilized for almost every occasion. Enjoy them as note cards, party invitations, art collections, thank you cards, birthday cards, and much more. We'd love to help print your next card project.

Features of 3.5x5 Folded Cards

  • Ivory white, natural, or Kraft envelopes included
  • Both sides can be full bleed and full color
  • Our design team inspects artwork before printing
  • Four premier and sustainable card choices

Four Premium Card Choices

  • Gloss Card (80# Cover) - This is the least expensive alternative for folded cards being handed out.
  • Matte Card (70# Cover) - This stock is ideal for elegant cards requiring less shine and a smooth surface.
  • Gloss Card (110# Cover) - This satin-gloss media is more premium and durable card stock for mailing.
  • Matte Card (100# Cover) - Our favorite print medium, this opaque option is better for writing on and perfect for note cards.

We recommend the latter more substantial card options. However, the first two paper choices offer significant savings while still being quality choices.

How Long Does It Take to Print?

3 business days for all quantities.

More Details About 3.5x5 Folded Cards

Our production crew carefully scores each 5x7 print into two 3.5x5 sides for folding perfection. Orders 100 cards and under are shipped already folded. We score larger orders are but send the cards flat for safer transportation. All 5x7 cards are considered "full bleed" or "borderless," and, we preserve margins if present in the original artwork.

Single or Double-Sided Cards?

  • Single-Sided - Art can be on the front and very back of the card.
  • Double-Sided - This includes printing on the inside of the card as well.

Add a PDF Proof

We do not require proofing for most artwork. Don't worry; we briefly review all files for quality purposes. If we see obvious problems, we will email or call you to resolve them. If you need a digital sample, please choose the digital proof option. This extra step will delay an order by one business day but can help us avoid unforeseen mistakes.

Folding Your Cards

We score all 3.5x5 folded cards and invitations. We only fold orders of quantities 100 or less.

Folded Card Reviews

"My first order was so great, I placed a second! Excellent quality, reasonable price, and quick shipping—I especially appreciated being kept in the loop about each step of the printing and shipping process. Just SO great. Couldn’t be happier!" - Liza

Envelope Choices

Three 4-Bar envelope choices are available for 3.5x5 folded cards: White, Natural, or Kraft. Please note that the natural envelope is a tad bit darker in person than what you may perceive on the screen.

Envelope color choices for 3.5x5 folded cards