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Learn How to Save More on Printing

For a limited time, use coupon code SAVE5MORE to save 5% on 11x17 flyers/posters, 11x14 prints, 4x6 postcards, and 5x7 folded cards.

Printkeg is always hosting numerous sales, discounts, and deals for prints of all types and sizes. This is a pretty amazing accomplishment since our daily prices for short runs are usually lower than everyone else. We are able to accomplish this since we focus on small projects, use digital printing and archival equipment, follow self-regulating recycling programs, and purchase everything in bulk. We are a small company operating as a big business.

Here are a few additional ways to score incredible print deals.

Create an Account

Keep up with print deals and sales by creating an account with us. You can create an account without actually buying anything yet. We do not aggressively email, but the deals and sales advertised are often hard to pass up. And it is easy to opt out.

Daily Prices

Aside from the above print deals, we also offer pretty awesome everyday prices. 250 glossy business cards are only $24.99. 18x24 glossy posters start at only $13.99 each. 250 11x17 prints are only $99.95. 1000 double-sided 4x6 postcards are only $64.95. These aforementioned deals are daily prices and do not include extra discounts offered during sales. 

Social Networks

Another way to take advantage of print deals at Printkeg is by following us on a variety of social networks. Instagram (@printkeg), Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a few of the different locations we constantly post and engage. Sometimes we post individual sales through those avenues, or we give advice and tips on how to save when printing with us.

Coupon Codes

Most deals are highlighted in this "Sales and Print Deals" area, but some deals are offered by covert coupon codes through social media, email marketing, thank you emails, postcards, free gifts and more.

Read our Blog

One particular post worth reading is "How to save money printing online" which outlines major ways to save money when working with an online printing company. We tend to follow some of the standard online practices of saving and attracting customers typical of most online companies.

Say Yes To Marketing

Everyone (account and non-account holders) has the option to receive marketing from us. Be sure to always say "yes" to our marketing since we email customers when good deals are happening. We only email a few times a month, and we make sure it is always worthwhile.