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Papers For 11x17 Printing - Flyers / Posters

Papers for 11x17 Printing - Flyers / Posters

70# or 80# Text

Generally, people prefer thinner text papers as an affordable way to market events, light posters, leaflets, letterhead, advertisements, and any other situation where a budget is a primary concern.

Cover Papers for 11x17 Printing - Flyers / Posters

70# or 80# Cover

Sometimes, handouts need to be thicker but not quite as durable as postcards. To grasp the thickness, think about the cover of a magazine. Sometimes, this stock can also provide welcome savings compared to other cover media.

Archival Card Stocks

Archival Media

We offer additional heavier archival stocks for many Flyer Printing sizes in our fine arts printing area.

11x17 Printing - Flyers / Posters

$ 28.99

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Printing 11x17 Printing - Flyers / Posters

Learn More About Printing 11x17 Printing - Flyers / Posters

We love printing 11x17 flyers and posters here at Printkeg. This large flyer size is the absolute first product we ever offered back in 2008, and the rest is history. Bands, plays, events, films, festivals, artists, and marketers everywhere enjoy our seven premium paper options complemented by amazingly vibrant colors produced by advanced digital printing technology. 11x17 printing with Printkeg is easier, faster, and cheaper.

11x17 Flyer / Poster Features

  • Seven quality paper types to choose from
  • 11x17 poster and flyer printing is cheap
  • Prints are full bleed and full color
  • We review all artwork before printing
  • Quick turnaround for small projects

Four Economical Paper Choices

  • Gloss Paper (80# Text) – This thin paper exhibits similar qualities to any magazine's inner pages.
  • Matte Paper (70# Text) – Uncoated paper intentionally lacks the same finish as glossy paper. 
  • Gloss Card (80# Cover) – Popular for flyers and posters, our mid-tier gloss card showcases popping colors at low prices.
  • Matte Card (70# Cover) – The opaque matte card is a superior and uncoated alternative to gloss.

Upgrade The Paper For Your 11x17 Flyers or Posters

Heavier Papers  are available in our 11x17 fine arts print area, three heavier weight card stocks are available including gloss (110# cover), matte (100# cover), and textured (100# cover).

More Options For 11x17 Printing

Need less than 25? - We have a singles area where there are no minimums. You can print just one or two prints. This is a perfect way to drop ship prints to your individual customers.

Half-fold 11x17 brochures are available in our brochure section. 

Turnaround (Business Days)

25 - 250 Flyers / Posters = 1 day
500 - 1500 = 2 days
2000+ = 3 days

Folding, scoring, and digital proofs may affect turnaround by one day.

Print Multiple 11x17 Files For Less

Print multiple 11x17 art files while still taking advantage of bulk discounts. The maximum amount of files you can submit is five per quantity. Our upload feature is limited, so you may need to utilize an email or file-sharing service to send us your artwork. Learn more about our multiple file policy today.

Proofs for 11x17 Flyer and Poster Printing

If a digital proof is vital, please let us know by selecting the "digital proof" option ($5), and we will happily send one within six business hours. Digital proofs may alter turnaround by adding one extra day. Turnaround begins once the art approval for printing is received.We carefully review artwork for issues involving bleed, resolution, and size. If problems arise that we cannot quickly fix, a staff artist will contact you or email a PDF proof demonstrating related concerns. Our main goal is to ensure you are 100% happy with the final prints.

Sending Us Your 11x17 Art Files

Please upload your art above for maximum convenience.

Art files over 20MB will cause an error after clicking "Add to cart" so if technical difficulties occur while uploading artwork, please email the file to art@printkeg.com after completing the order. For large files, feel free to use any third-party file storage/sharing company such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or HighTail.

11x17 Template

For proper printing of 11" x 17" art, a downloadable PDF template is available, which might assist with visualizing bleed and trim areas for your final custom flyer or poster. The file size is notably 11.25" x 17.25" in size, and you can submit art to us in portrait or landscape format.

Vertical (portrait)
Horizontal (landscape)

More 11x17 Information

We've tediously selected four specialties, yet budget-conscious, papers for cheap 11x17 flyer printing that should accommodate almost any print project. For "text" papers, think of the inner pages of a magazine. "Cover" pages are merely similar to the cover of a magazine. Gloss papers are shiny as expected, and matte is much less so. Matte papers are also much easier to write on. Thicker card options are available on our 11x17 small posters page.

Reviews of 11x17 Flyers and Posters

"Always great service. I recommend PrintKEG for cheap posters, flyers, and business cards all the time. You provide good value, quality printing, and fast turnaround. Thanks!" - F. Schneider

"I was blown away - as a print director for many years, I was skeptical, but thought why not and gave you guys an order. To say you surpassed my highest expectations isn't just praise - it's the truth. Your job was clean, the cut perfect. The images clear, and the turnaround amazing. Thank you very much - you'll be hearing from me again!" - P. Scheu

"The double-sided posters look great and the quality of the stock was just right. We already have two of them framed and hanging in the office." - G. Perry

Shipping 11x17 Flyers and Posters

After being printed, full-page 11x17 flyers and posters are shrink-wrapped and shipped flat with chipboard then cushioned with bubble wrap inside durable shipping boxes. It is rare to receive a damaged package of flat flyers or posters. Please contact customer service to replace damaged shipments.

11x17 Printing Ideas

Ideas for 11x17 prints or flyers include calendars, event posters, band posters, 4-page newsletters, mini-posters, promotional posters, art prints, window posters, promotional flyers, catalogs, fan art, and so much more. With so many paper and card options, the possibilities are endless with our 11x17 printing. If you would like to discuss your project, please call or email us!



Let's Get Serious About 11x17 Printing

More media choices for printing 11x17 Flyers and Posters

The four papers offered on this page are the cheapest possibilities. That isn't to say they are of inferior quality, but rather, they serve different markets. If you are searching for archival media, you may want to start with 11x17 Art Posters. There, you will discover a trio of exceptional papers explicitly masterminded for retail art. Impressive 17mil canvas and 19mil watercolor paper are also available for 11x17 custom printing in our fine arts category.





Guaranteed Happiness

We want you to be happy with your 11x17 Printing - Flyers / Posters, so we created the Printkeg Promise. This is our guarantee and commitment to serving artists across the nation. It doesn't help anyone if you purchase retail art you can't actually sell. We are here to ensure your success.

Dedicated to Artists

In our "About Us" area, you can view incredible photographs of the most recent Flyer Printing projects we've worked on. We geared our entire atmosphere, including the workforce and production facility, to serve retail artists first and foremost.

Fast Production Times

We contribute some of the fastest turnaround times for 11x17 Printing - Flyers / Posters in the Flyer Printing industry. You'll be impressed with how we handle Flyer Printing which includes fast production times, rush turnaround options, and expedited shipping.