Textured Media Now Available April 18 2015

For years, I've asked myself "What can I add for artists?" which is a more complex question than it initially seems. I've thought about maybe adding frames, mattes, art supplies, UV coating, laminating mounting and much more to our list of print services. Unfortunately, I always run into obstacles that end up inevitably changing my mind. It is worth mentioning that I absolutely don't want Printkeg to be like every other online printing service out there. We see a ton of incredible art flowing through our doors each day so our entire team really wanted to provide something just for artisans that couldn't be found at places like Uprinting, Vistaprint or other generic print companies. Finally, I found a beautiful solution - Textured Card (100# Cover) stock.

Some examples of prints on our textured card stock

Although it might be difficult to fully appreciate in the above photo, Textured Card stock is a rigid media that seriously enhances artwork to feel more authentic. This paper feels like a combination of linen, watercolor paper and felt rolled into one stunning medium. We envision artists and graphic designers selecting this gorgeous card stock for reselling quality prints or presenting in gallery settings. Digital artwork, reproductions, photographs, drawings and paintings appear more personal and original when printed on this exciting new media. 

Textured Card was intially featured in our new fine arts printing section as the premium paper option and is now being expanded as an option for postcards, invitations, notecards and small posters. These particular products feature sizes favored by thousands of our artisan customers. For those searching for a giclee solution, we also provide canvas and watercolor prints (other textured options) in varying sizes mostly in larger format. Textured Card (100# Cover) is intended for prints smaller than 13x19 and allows artists to capture a genuine and fabric-like impression that greatly enhances digital artwork and reproductions inexpensively.

The below image demonstrates the difference between Textured Card (100# Cover) and our smooth Matte Card (100# Cover).

A closeup view of textured versus a smooth matte

When in your hand, the feel and look of the Textured Card is exquisite. The felt material exudes the aura of originality and quality. 

Adding Textured Card gives our customers three distinct paper selections. Although, we do supply numerous weights for different products (80# text, 110# cover etc.), we have basically always offered glossy and matte options (like most commercial printers). Now, we're changing the game for artists seeking a finer print product without paying hefty prices. 

For a limited time, we will be adding textured samples to some orders to give customers an opportunity to actually hold this incredible paper. If you would like some samples or have questions, please email If you are interested in samples, go ahead and provide a shipping address.



What You Need To Know January 15 2015

Printkeg recently launched an exciting new website (our third version now) that will help us better serve customers in many ways. Unfortunately, with this website change, we will not be transferring any data (artwork excluded). Instead, we are asking all past customers to create a new account which should be fairly painless. We appreciate your understanding and hope you stick with us during this transition. 

How do you know if you need to create a new account?

1. If you've never used this website version before. 

2. If you've ordered from this website before, but ordered as a guest and didn't create a password at the end of your last order. Holding an actual account is not required anymore, but it is recommended.

Creating a new account will allow you to save shipping and mailing addresses and review past orders going forward. There is the option of checking out as a "guest," but that may become cumbersome for recurring customers.

How to create an account

There are two very easy and quick ways to create an account.

1. Click "Create an account" at the top of our website.

2. Create a password at the end of your next order when asked.

You've been with us for years...why must you create a new account?

Rather than importing data from a platform we developed to Shopify (the e-commerce solution we are now using) which would still require you to create a new account, we decided to start fresh. Some past data will soon be available from Logging in there will allow you to retrieve old order numbers as reference of past orders and artwork. We have not deleted any artwork under two years old. If you need any help at all, please call or email us. 

Why did we do all this?

The list of reasons we switched e-commerce platforms is long. Security and functionality tops the list. In order to offer more incentives, more products, better security, rewards programs and much more, we needed to switch. In the past, we've always developed our own stuff, but now we want to focus more time on printing and less on programming.

How to use our new website

New Features 

1. New shipping options. We now offer UPS and USPS methods.

2. PayPal payment method is now available.

3. This new site is responsive and works well on all devices.

4. Added security

5. Local pickups are now free.

6. Screen printing is now available

7. New support system is now in place

8. Upload art before paying

9. More notifications as orders progress





What's New at Printkeg? January 13 2015


Anytime we make significant additions or changes, we document them here. This is our renewed effort to keep our most valuable patrons updated about what's happening at Printkeg.


Today, we added 6x11 to our large quantity postcard area allowing customers to order quantities 2500 and over.


Added new sizes and reduced rates for outdoor vinyl banners. Our costs decreased allowing us to pass savings on to customers.


Media for business cards changed to 16pt Gloss Card (UV Coated) and 16pt Matte Card.


Added large quantity options for 3x4 postcards.


Removed quantities of 3000 from our postcard area. Orders over 2500 are now printed on 16pt Gloss or Matte card stock and is outsourced to an offset production facility.To order more than 2500 cards, visit our large quantity postcards page.


Included Ireland into our international shipped destinations. 


Added a 16 PT Matte/Dull Card stock option for large quantities of postcards.


Today, we included USPS First Class Package shipping service for packages weighing under one pound. Read our understanding shipping article to learn more.


Removed shirt printing category and CD Booklets. These products are no longer available. 


More options are being added to many items across the board starting 2/1.


Mugs have been introduced in the promotional products section. High quantity options for postcards have been added to the postcards collection.


Added new promotional items category which includes magnets, pins, tote bags, labels, hang tags and more.


Upgraded entire website to be encrypted rather than only the check out process. 


It stinks to report bad news, but postcard prices increased 3 to 5%.  4x6 postcards now show up in our flyer and postcard collections.


Added 8x12 professional prints to our fine arts and flyers areas.


We are no longer offering an affiliate program. Flat rate shipping has been modified. 


We added Metallic Photo Paper to Large Prints / Photography Printing in our fine arts printing section. More areas will follow up soon.


Started a new affiliate program for bloggers and website owners looking to receive the commission for helping us generate sales.


Prices for large poster orders over 1 have been lowered by 5%. We also reduced UPS shipment costs by another 10%.


Semi-gloss label rolls are available in the stickers collection offering improved economical choices for higher quantities.


New holiday oriented colors of A7 envelopes have been added to 5x7 flat cards and 5x7 folded cards.


Added cheap plastic business cards to our business card category


Added Google Wallet payment method to the "check out" process. A new rush fee for design services is also available. 


Added larger sizes to outdoor banners that include 4' wide up to 10' long.


Started a new free shipping program for orders over $100.
Everyday prices for some poster products have been reduced.


Panoramic prints added to banners, fine arts and posters collection.
Added textured cardstock to classic business cards.


Lowered prices for large posters (16x10, 24x36 etc.). 


Added textured matte card option to 13x19 posters and bookmarks/tickets. 


Added textured matte card to flat cards in our invitations and notecards section.


Textured matte card (100# cover) option added to postcards. The quantity of "10" also added to most postcard sizes. A new fine arts printing category was created. A wide format product has been added that includes watercolor media.


Added lower quantity options to small poster sizes 12x18 and 13x19 and lowered some prices in numerous areas in the same category.


- Started working on a new promotional items area which will include stuff like refrigerator magnets, car magnets, plastic cards, koozies and more.


- Lately we have been experimenting with different USPS shipping methods. The language they use for transit names is confusing since USPS delivery times are not guaranteed. We recommend using UPS if you have an immediate deadline.


- Added a new "custom jobs" section for repeat customers requiring specifications outside our standard product line. For companies and individuals needing a more tailored product lineup, please contact our customer service.


- Added Canada back as a shipping destination


- Decreased turnaround time for postcards


- Added 3.5x5 invitations and notecards


- Sticker prices increased 20% due to upgraded materials and associated costs.


- Added appointment reminder cards to business card collection.


- Added a "natural" envelope option to notecards and invitations
- Added new singles product (below 25 prints) for postcard sizes.


- New products include big stickers and note cards.
- A deals section has been added for more clarity about sales.


- UPS and USPS shipping options are offered at discounted rates.
- A PayPal payment option is available for easier transactions.
- Our new website is responsive and works well on all devices.
- We've added a new layer of security as we continue to diligently protect customers.
- A new improved support area better assists questions and concerns.
- An upload art feature in now available before paying (optional).
- Customers will receive more notifications as order progresses.
- Prices have been lowered in many categories.
- Thicker card stocks are available for some products.